Variety of clubs available for students at GISH

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter

Photo by Trevor Andrews
Members of the Art Club flatten and smooth the clay they will be using during an after school meeting of the club. The club meets on Thursdays.

        Joining a club is a great way to make new friends, and have fun, according to Activity Director Cindy Wells. 

        She added that there are many benefits to joining a club.

“Clubs help you get more involved in the school, it helps you get organized, and it helps you make friends,” Wells said.

Chances are, if a student has a specific interest, they are likely to find a club they can join, she said. 

        One of the newest clubs this year is the “Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Club,” or just the poetry club for short. The poetry club is sponsored by Beth Butters. 

        “The poetry club allows students a safe environment where they can share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts on any topic and to make that, which is distorted, beautiful,” Butters said. 

        There is not one genre of poetry that the poetry club focuses on.

        For students who believe they have a flare for poetry, this club might offer them an outlet to express their thoughts.

        “Students can write any kind of poetry, we just help review it,” Butters said. “People who are creative and enjoy writing, or just students who want to be better writers might want to join the poetry club.”   

        Some of the other clubs that meet at Senior High include the Fishing Club, Robotics, TableTop Gaming Club, Key Club, Art Club and the Book Club. 

        “Our goal is to have every student be in at least one club or sport,” Wells said.

        She said that joining a club is simple. All a student has to do is email the teacher/sponsor of the club and ask them when and where the club meets. 

        Micki Nuss, who has been an art teacher at Senior High for the past five years, said she decided to sponsor the art club this year to not only help students discover their talents but to also provide them with a way to improve their knowledge of art. 

“People who already are in art get to expand their skills, and people who aren’t get to create and express themselves,” Nuss said. “The goal of the art club is to get a deeper understanding of skill, idea, and the human experience.”

        Nuss added that in Art Club, students see many things and can also “develop friendships and learn to work as a team. I hope students get the feeling of being in a team that needs them.”         A full listing of the clubs offered at senior high can be found at this link:

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