Wooden, Jacobs two of the new staff at GISH

Reagan Wooden is a graduate of Senior High and now is part of the teaching staff.

By Emilia Rojo, Reporter

        Each year, high schools across the nation welcome new teachers as school districts look to fill vacancies from those who retire or move to other districts.

        This year Senior High added 18 new teachers, and two of those are Reagan Wooden and Bobby Jacobs. Wooden is a math teacher while Jacobs is the director of the orchestra.

        Both said that teaching at the high school level is a new experience for them but that they are looking forward to the challenge.

        Wooden actually graduated from Senior High, so she is familiar with the school and said she is looking forward to teaching and learning from other teachers.

        “I want to get more experience teaching and making connections with the students. I also want to become a coach,” she said.

        Before being hired at GISH, Wooden said she worked an office job but then decided to give teaching a try. While she didn’t have any previous teaching experience, she said she knew that she was up to a new adventure.

        “I was very nervous with no time to prepare, but I am enjoying it,” she said.

        Jacobs had always wanted to work at Senior High and since there was an opening in the music department, Jacobs said he applied.

        Unlike Wooden, Jacobs had taught before but at an elementary school.

        But like Wooden, Jacobs said he was nervous.

   “I had never taught high schoolers before,” he said, “High school students are more mature and easier to talk to (than elementary students).” 

   He added that he is enjoying his experience and is able to get along with the students well, plus he has the chance to work with his father, John, who is the band director.

  Overall, the two said they are excited about their new positions and are enjoying a new experience.

Bobby Jacobs speaks to students in his class.

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