Many services available for GISH students

Ann Greving Brown

Blanca Hernandez, Reporter

Ann Greving Brown believes not enough students are taking advantage of the programs offered at Senior High.

Greving Brown has spent the last 10 years at Senior High working with students as a social worker. While she said she is not sure how many students she has served during her years at GISH, she said she believes she has worked with approximately 150 students a year.

She said there are a number of ASP (After School Programs) opportunities available to students, with many of them offered in the GISH Media Center (library). In addition to the programs, teachers are also available during ASP to help students with assignments or to get caught up on missing work. 

One of the programs available to students is GEAR UP, which is made available through a grant program. The goal of the program, according to its website, is to create highly effective learners and prepare students to attend college. 

The program is mainly focused on supporting students from low income and underserved backgrounds. There is also a new program called Edifency and it is where students are assigned a specific Islander Time, but if a studnetś teacher requests that a student come to their classroom, then they are allowed to go and meet with the teacher.

Greving Brown states that she had more contact with students last year because it was virtual and students  struggled more doing assignments online. 

She added that she believes students should get help because school is a ¨great opportunity¨ for students  and by getting the help they need in their classes students won’t be as frustrated as she wants her students to be happy and enjoy the high school experience.   

Shayla Jessen, an English DLP teacher, works with the ASP and hasn´t been involved in the program for a long time but said she thinks the biggest benefits are helping  students with homework and that ASP gives a place for students to be after school.

Jessen said she believes that students have taken advantage of ASP more in past years but not as much in the last two years because of the effect COVID-19 has had in education.

Students wanting more information about the programs offered through ASP can stop by the media center after school or contact their counselor.

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