JAG officers installed during ceremony

By Blanca Hernandez, Reporter  

Forty-five students involved in the JAG program at Senior High were officially installed during a ceremony in the Little Theater on Nov. 4.

The Second Annual Initiation and Installment ceremony was for officers and other members of JAG, according to Instructor Sherah Piercy. 

She said this ceremony  happened  because it is a  JAG  requirement and because they are trying to reach out  to students about JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates).

Piercy said there are many advantages for students participating in the JAG program including that the program teaches ownership, team membership and leadership development. In addition, she said that family members of the students are supportive and that the ceremony counted as an assessment grade towards the students.

At the event the JROTC presented the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by JAG member  Ridwaan Salad followed by the Welcome by Piercy. The keynote was by Fawn Gerenstein  and her speech was about how her family didn’t have much money as she grew up but that she still managed to make it through the situation. After high school, Gerenstein attended Hastings College. 

Piercy then introduced the new officers including Quanta Willams, president; Vice President of Service Learning, Victor Garcia; Vice President of Social Awareness, Fardoosa Mohammed; Vice President of Civic responsibility, Azael Zumaya and Vice President of Career Preparations, Connor Chirstensen, along with Vice President of Leadership Development, Alejandra Pascual.

All of the new officers presented themselves and said what their job responsibilities are and how they work to help others.

A former GISH student and former JAG President, Makennah Heitmann, spoke during the ceremony and said how she didn’t know she was going to be president of JAG and how unique the program is at Senior High.

To conclude the ceremony, Piercy called up every JAG member to the stage and demonstrated how the group is like sand and the power that each student has to make a difference.

The Presentation of the Creed was done by Williams and he along with all the other JAG students made the JAG promise. 

Students who would like more information about JAG should contact Piercy. 

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Journalism/Communications instructor at Grand Island Senior High School in Grand Island, Nebraska

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