Creativity, fun inspire art class students

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter

Angela Nguyen, a junior at Senior High, said she believes that you shouldn’t be forced to take an art class unless you really want to. 

She said that it’s all about creativity and having fun.

Iris Morales, another junior, agrees with Nguyen and said that it’s a way of escaping reality because no one can judge you. 

Iris Morales working on her sculpture.
Photo by Nancy Gongora

“While other people may judge you saying it’s bad, others will compliment your work,” Morales said.

Nguyen and Morales are both taking classes based on Art pottery, but Morales is also taking sculpting.

Morales has taken four art classes in total, while Nguyen has taken more than five art classes.

After Morales graduates in May, she said she would like to go to the Chicago Art Institution to pursue her dream of art and study more about where art comes from. 

She said she wants to know more about the different types of arts and cultures in the world.

Angela Nguyen shapes a piece of clay in art class.
Photo by Nancy Gongora

In contrast, Nguyen said that after she graduates she plans on pursuing an art education at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and pursuing her art career there because she has already received a scholarship from the school.

They both agree that art should be done out of passion because if you’re not passionate about your art, it will not be successful. 

Morales and Nguyen said that they are both dedicated to their art and would like to keep studying art as long as they can.

Published by gishislander

Journalism/Communications instructor at Grand Island Senior High School in Grand Island, Nebraska

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