Freshmen take part in Career Fair

By Ayla Strong, Reporter

School Resource Officer and GIPD Chris Marcello speaks to a group of freshmen during the career fair. Photo by Ayla Strong

Right before the Thanksgiving break, Islander freshmen got to chew on options about their future as part of a Career Fair on Nov. 17.

The event was organized by the freshman seminar teachers as a way to help give as much information to students so they might have an idea of a career after graduating from GISH.

Assistant Principal Maggie Mintken, the freshman academy principal, was the keynote speaker. In addition, approximately 24 members of the business community that align with the pathways at GISH were in attendance. Juniors and seniors also spoke about their pathway experience.

Nichole Stoltenberg, Academy Partnership Liaison, said the event was done because, “We’re finding that the freshmen are more interested in knowing what their pathway classes and what their pathway experiences will be like.”

Some companies that were represented at the event included GI Police Department, Duncan Aviation, St. Francis Medical Center, Hornady Manufacturing, Dramco Tool, and others.

Another cool aspect of the event was that some of the speakers are currently enrolled at GISH graduates and they spoke on the success they had in their pathways.

Two freshmen seminar teachers and Stoltenberg all agreed that this year’s fair was more successful than last year. The speakers were in the classroom face-to-face instead of over Zoom. 

Stoltenberg said that the seminar teachers prepared their students by doing class brainstorming sessions to make sure each of them had questions for the speakers.

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