The Body, by Ashon Willey

As I walked towards the damp and narrow alley way, a nasty scent filled the air.

The route I chose was the shortest way to my apartment. As I continued, I started seeing drops of blood scattered across the mosey gravel. The blood became more visible the further I walked and there was more of it. Once I arrived at the back door to my apartment I saw two bloody hand marks; one on the door handle and the other on the left side of the door.

I decided to slowly open the door due to my curiosity and then I saw a corpse with the jaw hanging off and hair ripped out of its scalp. I knew that I needed to report this mangled body to the police, so I walked out the door and went to find the nearest phone booth.

I walked down the street to Pinecone Avenue, which was just rebuilt to attract tourists.

I went to grab the phone and realized my hands were covered in blood, something that I hadn’t noticed because of the shock I was in. I then saw an officer walking on the newly paved sidewalk and ran over to him and told him what I saw.

“Officer, you need to come with me, down the alley, there is a body near the stairwell to my apartment.”

Then I realized that with blood on my hands and me being 6-4 as well as muscular, he might have assumed I was the one who murdered the lady.

The officer began to draw his gun, we walked down the alley, and the officer put two and two together, 

“You are now under arrest for the murder of this woman,” he said.

“I didn’t do it, and this is a huge misunderstanding,” I explained.

The officer then managed to pull out his gun and open fire on me. I hurried into the apartment stairwell and slammed the door shut as quickly as I could. I ran out the front door of the apartment complex and down the street, even beyond the baseball stadium where the Brooklyn Dodgers had played the night before.

I heard sirens from probably around couple blocks away, I then saw a taxi down the street coming towards me and I called it over. I opened the door drenched in sweat from all the running.

“Can you take me to Rover Avenue,” I asked.

This street was about 20 minutes away from where we were. I needed to get there fast so the cops didn’t see where I was going.

“Sure thing, just get done running” the taxi driver said.

“Ummmmm… sure,” I uncertainly replied.

The taxi driver finally started moving and we were on pace to be there at 6:45 pm. I took my bag off and took out my journal. To which I wrote,

Journal Entry: January 12, 1931   

            “I am now on the run for something I didn’t do and believe that I need to hide out somewhere and I think that I have a perfect place for that. I need to find out who killed the woman at my apartment complex. I probably need to get in shape after running about 2 miles I feel as if I have been hit by a truck. Glad we have these taxis or I would have been toast, anyways I need to stop writing because we are almost to our destination.”

As we drove down Rover Avenue, I looked to see where my friend’s house was and found it. I told the taxi driver that we were here and I took out money from my bag and gave it to him. 

I got out of the car and walked up the gravel side walk and knocked on the freshly painted red door, this house was beautiful white siding new driveway, it couldn’t get any better than this. I then heard the door getting unlocked and it opened and I saw him. 

My best friend Tony Maguire, he was a very tall pale man with red hair and freckles all over. I walked in to see that he had remodeled all the floors with shiny new granite tiles, I don’t know how he affords this type of stuff he doesn’t even have a job. I told him about everything that had happened and he offered to help me stay here until they found the real killer. I said thanks and went to the guest bedroom which he said I could stay in.

I set my bag down and sat on the bed it was 7:30 already and I needed to take a shower. I took off my clothes and started up the shower, I grabbed the towel Tony was letting me use set it on the counter top next to the sink and hopped in the shower. After ten minutes I got out of the shower dried off and took out a toothbrush from the drawer.

I started brushing my teeth and in my peripheral vision, I saw a spec of red in the corner of the room. I walked over to it and it looked like blood but I didn’t think anything of it and went to spit out the leftover toothpaste in my mouth. 

I walked out of the bathroom and went to say goodnight to Tony and told him that there was red liquid in the corner of his bathroom and he said it was just some leftover Kool-Aid. 

I walked back upstairs and closed the door to the guest bedroom and I got into bed and went to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep I kept hearing chopping sounds as if someone was chopping meat. I then fell into a deep sleep and slept through the night.

I woke up and got out of bed grabbed my shoes and clothes and put them on. I opened up the door and walked down the stairs to greet Tony.

“Hey Oliver how are you doing I made you some soup,” Tony said.

“I’m doing great and thanks for the soup,” I said

I grabbed the bowl of soup and asked what was in it and Tony said that was a secret recipe. I sat down and started eating,

“Man this is really good,” I said.

“Thanks Oliver,” Tony said.

I finished up eating and got up and walked over to the sink which I put my bowl in. I then said thanks and walked out of the kitchen upstairs to the guest bedroom.

I didn’t know how I was going to find this killer and now I needed to find clues so the only way to do that was to go to the crime scene. I asked Tony to drive me but he didn’t feel comfortable so I said I would find someone to give me a ride. Instead I grabbed Tony’s keys when he wasn’t looking and took his car. I kept driving until I got to the city and parked the car and very unsuspiciously walked to the crime scene.

I was surprised to see that there was nothing there, except some leftover blood that had stained the gravel. But then I saw that the blood was going in the wrong direction in which I ran out of the building, I decided to walk and see where the blood led and it kept going down the alley way and stopped. I thought it was just a dead end and decided to hurry up and get to the car before anyone saw me.

When I got to the car I noticed something that I had never seen before, there were two red stained footprints right on the edge of the car. I started to suspect something of Tony but thought it could never be him. So I decided to just keep an eye on him.

After getting back to Tony’s house, I noticed that I had been at the crime scene all day and it was time to go to bed so I did the same cycle I had done the night before and got into bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep because of the fact that all signs of the killing were coming to Tony. I then started hearing more pounding again and decided to confront Tony about all of the noise but he wasn’t downstairs. I kept hearing the pounding determined that it was coming from the basement. Tony had told me not to go down there but with everything that had happened I needed to know what was going on down there.

I slightly opened the door so, it wouldn’t make any noise, and walked down the stairs. With each step the pounding became louder and louder. I kept stepping down them and got to the cold concrete of the basement. I looked over to see Tony hitting something with a sledge hammer and decided to look and see what it was.  

I quietly walked over to the side of the basement so I could see and what I saw was half of a body on the table getting hammered.

I hurried and got back up the stairs closed the door and went back to the guest bedroom. I didn’t get any sleep that night and decided to walk down the stairs into the kitchen, I saw Tony and acted as if nothing had happened. I knew that Tony was the killer now with all the signs, the blood in the corner of his bathroom, blood leading into the end of the alleyway, blood-stained foot prints in his car, and now him trying to destroy the only evidence that could clear my name. 

I decided not to eat his soup today because my appetite was spoiled and now I knew that I needed to do something about Tony. So I decided to walk down the street to the local police officer and knocked on the door to his house. 

He opened the door and greeted me.

“Hello what brings you here,” the policeman asked.

“I would like to talk to you about my friend Tony,” I said

“Oh what about my good friend Tony,” the policeman said.

“Well, he murdered someone and the police in Brooklyn think it is me,” I said.

“So you figured out it was Tony huh,” the policeman said.

“Wait what?” I said

            “How do you think he gets all his money,” the policeman asked.

            I started to back away from him and realized that he was the cop from that night and I started to run. I could hear gun shots firing past me. I got back to Tony’s house in a hurry and grabbed my stuff and started to go down the stairs. Just then, Tony appeared and came through the front door. I needed to find someplace to hide.

            I decided to go through the door into the basement to hide and ones I reached the bottom of the stairs I realized I didn’t close the door and I didn’t have time to go back up so I decided to grab the sledge hammer from the basement Tony had used the night before.

            I walked through the door thinking to myself that I had fooled everyone and everyone thinks that my best friend is the murderer I walk into the kitchen to get a drink and notice the door to the basement is open. I realize that Oliver had opened the door and I need to take care of him, I grab a kitchen knife and walk down the stairs to see Oliver standing there with a sledge hammer and I start to keep walking again down the stairs. I knew he would figure out eventually but I never thought so soon. So I decided to act dumb.

            “Oliver, why do you have a sledge hammer,” Tony asked.

            “You killed the woman and you framed me,” Oliver said.

            “I saw you last night hitting her with the same weapon I have in my hand,”

            “Oliver think about this,” Tony said.

            I stared at Tony with angry intent and ran at him at full speed.

            “DIE TONY!” Oliver yelled.

            I swung the hammer as hard as I could and hit Tony right in the side of the head knocking him out. I ran out of the house and took Tony’s car with me, I backed it out and started to drive away not knowing what I was going to do.

            Journal Entry: January 12, 1936   

            “It has been exactly five years since the incident and after going to the police they found enough evidence to put Tony in prison for life. Tony has a messed up face and no longer looks like himself due to the sledge hammer incident. I on the other hand sued the crooked police officer who fired shots and got enough money to let me retire. I found a new job at a packing plant and earn good money from it and my life has been going up since the incident. I will never forget this and will be a part of me forever.”

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