The House of Evil Spirits, by Yosalin Siguar

Hello, I’m Ivan. I would like to talk about my life and how I gained superpowers by ending and finding evil spirits around my city and how I keep people safe.

My parents died in a car crash when I was five. Since that day I couldn’t walk on my right leg and I wouldn’t talk to anyone neither my grandparents nor the people who investigated what had happened to my parents if it was in an accident or on purpose.

I started living with my grandparents. I would also take care of my grandma because she would lose her memory and wouldn’t remember me or my grandpa. 

Some time has passed now and I was a junior at high school.

I still can’t walk with my right leg. I get bullied a lot on how I walk and that I’m different from the others. I always get beat up so badly that when I get home and my grandparents would see and were very worried.

I always had thought to myself, if my parents were here and had never gotten into a car crash, would my life be different? Would I walk normally and never get beaten up at all?

The one day my life changed to a whole new life. 

I was walking to my school when this random light hit my chest and I just flew up high and then fell down.

I thought to myself what was that?

Where did that come from?

But like a normal high school student I just walked to go to my class. When school had ended I saw tiny little dots on each of my fingers and just wondered why they were there. 

The next day I just got out of my bed to be on my way to school. I stopped at a coffee shop and just sat there. That’s where I met Crystal and William.

Honestly, I never knew they also had superpowers so they discussed how I’m part of their group on ending evil spirits and finding them. 

We all had our different powers, I had the power of summing the territory where we send the evil spirits and feeling where they are.

Crystal had the power of reading people’s minds and how they became evil spirits, their past and future life and William had the power of super-human strength. 

The next day I went to the restaurant where they worked. Once the day had ended and all the people had left, they closed the restaurant so they could train me and that I could be ready to go end the evil spirits.

I trained a lot and started learning boxing. Before we had gone to our first missions they brought an unusual lady that had the power to heal my leg. They had told me to start walking and I walked. 

Now that I was able to walk and run, we headed out to our mission.

For me, I was scared because it was my first mission and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the nervousness.

Our mission was that we had to go save two students at the high school where I go. They were being bullied and beaten up badly.

At first I didn’t know how to save them.

We started to beat up the man who had beaten them. I was the one responsible to take them to safety while Crystal and William were in charge of beating up the evil spirit. After that I had to summon the territory.

When we had sent him to the territory we also had to go to the territory to explain why we had gone there. Since I’m the new member I met the people who were in charge of us, basically the boss of us. Then the main boss had to send him to the afterlife. I really wanted to meet my parents again so I asked her, “Would I have a chance to visit my parents once again after 10 years?”

She didn’t respond to me. So we left the territory. 

I went home worried why she wouldn’t say anything about my parents. After that day we had to train once again, they had talked about the most evil man that they couldn’t capture and our boss wanted us to capture before the world could be any dangerous. 

So we had gone and tried to find the men but suddenly William had remembered that he had lost his memory before he was a hero and had a different life. Crystal had helped him to get his memory back, then he started to remember the things he used to do and he had seen the evil men who had killed a lot of people and he had kept there evil spirits within him. So we have to try to find the guy and release those spirits that are in him. 

We had called Scarlett. Let me introduce you to her.

She is a crime investigator. She had investigated the evil man since he had tried to kill William because he used to also be a crime scene investigator.

Scarlett had information about him; he has killed a lot of people. Now that we know more about him, Crystal had felt something really weird where he felt him and was trying to kill someone. 

We had gone to the place I was so ready because I feel like he has something to do with my parent’s death. As we went on we went to a house where we had seen a dead man but the evil man had left. We missed it again and we were so angry. 

We were summoned to the territory and our boss had told us bad news which I really wasn’t ready for.

My parents haven’t made it to heaven yet because their spirits had been inside the evil man’s body. I wouldn’t believe why or how. I thought to myself, “For the last 10 years my parents had lived there in that body. Why?”

I just couldn’t believe it at all, I just couldn’t. Believe it myself. 

After we had left the territory I had to talk to Crystal. We had made an agreement with her to take me to the past where my parents had died.

Once we reached the past, I was able to see my parents and my little self-talking to my parents. I really wanted to talk to them but they couldn’t hear me. When I saw the truck coming to crash the car, I started warning them but they couldn’t hear me. When I got out of the car I had seen my parents die but my younger self needed help. 

After that the evil had come and I saw with it with my own eyes. I saw him take my parents’ spirits into him. I just couldn’t stand there and let that happen so I started fighting with him but Crystal wouldn’t let me because he was too powerful.

I continued fighting with him and then I was summoned the territory, which it wasn’t a good idea to think about. I tried to get him to the territory where I had more power to defeat him. I got beaten up so badly. Crystal had just taken me out of there and we had stopped and had gone back to the future. 

“Why did you fight him, I don’t understand why, have you ever thought that he could feel that we saw him and now he could get us anytime and try to kill us,” said Crystal.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t handle my emotions on how I saw how he took my parents spirits in him” I said. 

“That’s the problem in this world you got to control your emotions you just go and fight don’t you know how we could get in trouble by our boss,” she said.

“But I didn’t know that I could get in trouble that bad,” I said.

The next day we got called to the territory. I got into so much in trouble with the boss because the evil man has found our secret territory.

My boss had banned me from there, then I was left with no power and I couldn’t walk anymore. When I got to school everything had gone to the past and I started to get bullied because I couldn’t walk. 

Some days have passed, and the evil man had committed another crime where he had killed a young little girl.

Scarlett had gone to the scene she started the investigation on how all of this had started, on why the evil man did all of this. 

Days after the news had shown that the evil man had died because the car had started on fire. I ran to the police officer department and went to see if all of this was true.

If this was true then that meant my parents wouldn’t get to heaven along with all the other people he had killed because he was dead. I wouldn’t get to see them for one more time and they wouldn’t rest in peace like they deserved. 

When the police officer had told me about what had happened to me I just couldn’t handle my emotions, then William came and tried to calm me down and he took me to his restaurant and I got to see them again.

 “Hey Ivan, please listen to us. He really didn’t died, okay,” Crystal said.

“Then if he didn’t die then what had happened to him, what had happened to my parents spirits.” I said 

“Be calm and we will capture him don’t worry we just have to train better,” Crystal said.

They took me back to the territory, and my boss gave me another chance. She was happy that I could summon the territory. She told me that I have to control my emotions every time someone gets me mad. 

Crystal, William, Scarlett and I went to find him. We found a clue that he worked with cars. We went there and had found a dead person thrown there Scarlett had called her unit. We started searching for more clues there but it looks like he had gone. I think he knows that we are looking for him. 

We found different plate numbers. We thought he took a van with different plate numbers. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything so we went back then this white van came and crashed us. The good thing is we are alive. We got out of the car then he came out. He was very hard to defeat, but after that I got more powerful and he told me, “I saw you. You saw your own parents die, you saw how I took your parents’ spirits, how do you feel?” 

I took a deep, deep breath and stayed calm and summoned the territory. Crystal and William couldn’t believe that I actually could do it. The evil had known that I had the power of summing that territory. He tried to not get in there because I got more powerful. He had gone into it but he was way too strong because of all the spirits he had in him. Then he left again and we couldn’t capture him. 

A few days passed and Crystal felt something.

She closed her eyes and saw the evil man with little children, and we ran so fast. When we got there he was there with a little boy.

We panicked because he obviously will kill and take his spirit away and he will get more powerful.

Crystal and William tried to distract him so he could enter the territory. Finally he made it inside so I came and attacked him. I got him down when I was done with that we drug him to the territory and our boss talked to him about all the evil things he had done.

My boss had taken all those spirits away from him and took those spirits to the other room. After that we took the evil man to a cage where he got punished for all that he had done.

When we were done with that my boss had taken me to the other room. I saw my parents but they didn’t recognize me. They thanked me for saving them. I was about to leave but then my mom recognized me and she started to cry and they saw how tall I had grown.

After that Crystal did me a favor.

She took my grandparents one more time so they could see my parents more.

You could see there expression on their face on how happy they are.

When all of that was finished we all met together and we went on a trip. Then we had a great time together.   

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