The Secret, by Erin Anderson

            Alexa Williams is a 5-6 woman with black hair and brown eyes. She joined a group of two with her sister when she was 10 years old and Alex was seven.

            Alex Williams is a 5-3 woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes as well. She followed her sister almost everywhere she went.

            She met Logan Willson and Sam Persern when the group had just started. Sam is a 5-7 man with black hair and green eyes and Logan is a 5-2 woman with blond hair and black eyes.      Alex and Sam didn’t get along too well with Sam being almost four years older than her. Logan, Alex, and Alex had gotten along great.

Alexa, Logan, Alex and Sam didn’t meet Juan Peterson until a while later and he was a lot older than them but also looked to be bad news.

When Alexa and Logan had found out something that Juan and Sam had been after for so long they knew they had to make a plan, they involved Alex in it because they could never keep anything from her. Alexa had gone into hiding after a year of planning so that the plan could get set up in the different areas they needed. 

Alexa had gotten caught in the middle of the plan but it was the final step so she ran from them and got away but knew something had to be done.

Alexa met up with Logan and Alex and told them that they had to go back so that the plan could be completed. When they had agreed to do it but were worried about what she was going to do she told them that the next time they met she might not remember them.

Alex had not wanted this because she knew this would mean she wouldn´t get to talk to her for a while but she agreed for the safety of Alexa because she seemed to want to protect them.

After that Alexa went to go and get the drug that she needs that wipes people’s memories expect very few things if taken the right way

When Alexa had woken in a hospital and she had no clue what was going on but she knew a few things that she had to do to be able to get her memories back. Before she lost her memory she wrote on a piece of paper what different things she needs to know to remember but in the time it takes for the group to find her again.

She gets out of her hospital bed and goes over to find the notecard that was sitting on the chair across the room. Once she opens it she looks up and around her then she looks back at the note in her hand before walking back to her bed.

As she sits back down she reads the note and is confused at first before realizing that this note is for her and how it explains some things but also says that she has some clues that she has to figure out on her own.

 When she is free to leave the hospital she goes to where the piece of paper tells her to go with the rest of what she assumes is her belongings. She finds the place and goes inside what looks like an abandoned warehouse to see another piece of paper and looks around again to see if anyone was there but it doesn’t look like it so she walks over to it before sitting down on the chair it was sat on. She reads it and it explains how she has to be at a place called, “the solum,” the next day at 12:35 p.m. sharp no later than.

After that and explaining that she must go through the back and to sit at the cafe that´s inside it at the back where she will find her next clue. She closes the note after that and puts it in her coat pocket then goes up to where she assumes she is supposed to sleep because it hadn’t said anything about that.

With Logan and Alex after they had left Alexa that day in the park near the woods they left to go back to our hiding spot. After everything had happened they left the group in a way as well just not in the same way.

Alexa is setting up the plan they had created. They are going at it in a different way to make sure that they trust us but we can see them make different decisions and suck. This also helped to make sure they don’t catch on to Alexa and if they ever did they would warn her.

They are watching them while they think that they are just out to get food for them so they had to get back soon because they had been gone for a while which was usually expected from them by now. 

Sam and Juan usually don’t trust other people very often so they get paranoid that if they had taken too long they wouldn’t be happy with them because they only really trusted each other. 

            Sam doesn’t trust Alex that much because he thinks that she will leave as well just like Alexa. Ever since Alexa had left Sam had been keeping a close eye on Alex whenever she was around in case she was planning anything.

            When Logan and Alex had gotten back to the hideout which is a house not far from the woods that they were just in, they walked in to see that Juan and Sam are asleep even though it’s two o’clock in the afternoon.

            They walk into the house quietly and go into the kitchen to put the food down that they got when they were out so that they didn’t seem suspicious when coming back if they didn’t have food with them. 

            After putting food away they go back into the room the boys are in and sit down on the opposite couch that they are not on and talk quietly while they wait for them to wake up from sleeping so they could go back to “finding,” Alexa.

            They still don´t want to go along with Alexa’s plan but have to because they know that she is right and that this is the only way. Alex doesn’t  know how long until she will see her sister again but she  knows it will be soon if she follows the clues that she had set up in case anything had gone wrong. 

            When Juan and Sam wake up from their nap they fix some food because it´s around 5 o’clock when they wake up then they start trying to find Alexa.

            They start from the last spot they think she was before she left and they find nothing as to where they are going or what they are doing.

            Logan and Alex point out something that they know will lead them off track for a little while to give Alexa some time but to also seem like they are helping because it actually does lead somewhere and to someone but not who they are expecting. Logan and Alex know they can’t call Alexa for help on this and that they are on their own until she remembers what is all going on. They do this for the rest of the night and with no other ways to find her but the one person after searching so they go back to the house and go to bed for the morning they have a person to find that will not do them any good.

            When Alexa wakes up the next morning she is confused on where she is until she remembers yesterday and even confused then but she still gets up and goes over to where she put the notes yesterday. She reopens the second note to see if she is just imagining this and when she sees she is not she looks around for her belongings and when she finds them she puts on a different pair of clothes before looking to see if she can check the time on anything before spotting her phone.

When she sees the time is 10:45 a.m. after getting her phone out she quickly types in the place to go and sees that it’s an hour drive so she sits down for a few minutes and looks at the note. When she checks the time again she sees its 11:15 a.m. and thinks that she just zoned out before she starts leaving the abandoned apartment and looks for the car she came in. After she finds her car she gets in. She then hooks her phone into the speaker and sets up the phone to the directions for “the solum,” and sets off.

When she gets to the cafe part of the store after parking she sees the time and that she is right on time seeing as it had turned 12:35 when she sat down at the booth the note told her to. After looking for the third note for a minute she finally finds it and opens it as a cafe worker sets down a coffee for her and she is a little confused until she reads the note and it explains. The note explains how the coffee is there for her to drink and that the next clue would explain if there are people who you can trust and people you cannot trust for now. It says back to the warehouse until 5 p.m. and then head out to the woods and walk 30 feet forward and then to 20 feet left to find the next note so she follows those directions.

She is at the apartment building until 5 o’clock and when it is close to 5 she starts to get ready to go. When she is finally ready to go she leaves and starts heading towards the woods. When Alexa gets into the woods and starts walking forwards she feels like she is being watched. After a while of walking forwards and then to the left she finally finds the note.  When she opens and reads it she finds out who she can trust and who she can’t and why exactly this had happened to her. After this had happened she looked around and saw another note about 10 feet away. She goes over to it and it explains how this is the next note and also how to get her memory back without causing too much trouble. 

Two days later Alexa is still looking for Logan Willson because she knows if she is ready to get her memories back and the next step to get them. When she walks through the apartment that day she can tell someone is there but doesn’t know who it is so she grabs a knife that was in her pocket and walks around the corner to see someone’s back turned to her.

“Who’s there,” Alexa asks in a dangerously low voice.

She is slowly walking towards the other person before she has to stop because someone from behind says something.

Alex walks around the corner and sees Alexa with a knife in her hand with it pointed at Logan’s back and standing a few feet away from each other.

“We heard you were looking for us. Come on Alexa don’t do this, let us help you. We know what’s happened to you. Let’s see if you’re ready for your memories back.”

It had hurt Alex to see Alexa´s confused face because she doesn’t remember telling her that but she couldn’t even if she had wanted to.

Logan turns around and sees Alexa holding a knife pointing it at her but also sees her face and the confused look on it so she explains that she is the Logan Willson that she is looking for and that this is Alex but Alex is only here because she wants to see if you are ready to learn the truth. Once Alexa has nodded Logan and Alex share a look so that they know which to start with. Back at the day in the park Alexa had explained to test her on three main things before saying she is ready to begin learning and bringing everything back. 

Alex started with the mental aspect of it all with mediation first before asking her a set of questions to see where her mind was at. After that Logan did the physical aspect of the training because she knows from experience that it could either end really badly for her if she wasn’t prepared or that she had the best chance at testing in this spot. After an hour or two of this they moved on two the final part of the training that Alexa had to pass to learn the truth and that was what she already knows about what’s going on because she has to know a certain amount of things to be able to learn the truth.

After all of the testing to see if she is ready they find out she is in the note she left for Alex and Logan for that it states certain things she has to pass to get her memories back because if it goes wrong she could never find out who she is. She had passed everything so they found the next note that was hidden in the abandoned warehouse that she didn’t see and opened it. It explains exactly how to get her memories back and if she doesn’t do this the correct way she could die or she could never get her memories back ever again. After they figure this out they follow the instructions and do exactly what they told them to do.

After everything had happened, Alexa goes back to the bed that she had been sleeping in the past few days and thinks to herself because she knows now that she can’t go back and that in the morning that everything will change. Before Alex and Logan had to leave again they told her to meet up with them tomorrow so they can discuss this a bit more before heading back off to get her memories back. She doesn’t know why but she feels like she knows more and more each day even without the memories and she thinks it has to do with this “secret” that people are after.       What Alexa doesn’t know is that she is right about that because the secret is connected to her, Alex and Juan more than the other would think.

The next morning she wakes up and gets out of bed after a few minutes of thinking about what today is about. She is excited because she can finally find everything out after what feels like forever but when in reality it was probably only a few days.

With not having to meet up with the others until later she gets dressed and starts to head out of the building she is in to get a walk in. She sees Alex and Logan and is confused until she realizes that they have to do it earlier than expected because the boys had to find out a clue to where she was staying.

She nods her head in the direction of the way they are to go for the memories but is confused when they shake their heads in a no before they hold something up to her and she is even more confused by what is happening. When she realized that what she is holding up is what they need to get her memories back she looks at them with a raised eyebrow because a person was supposed to help us with this and with the other instructions to it because not all of the instructions had explained everything that they were going to need.

When Logan and Alex get to her they explain how when they arrived they had saw Juan and Sam leaving but they were confused on how they had found that place because the last time they had checked they weren’t anywhere close to finding her so they had rushed inside only to find said person they needed almost dead because of a gunshot wound so they had tried to save her.

They ended up not being able to save her at all and having to leave but they still had gotten all of the information that they had needed to get the memories back. 

They need to get the memories back so that they can be ready for the guys because if they aren’t, a lot of bad things could happen. When she had realized all of this because she is still getting used to things, they quickly head to the woods to be able to complete it without any complications to anything that they need to do. When they had gotten to the woods she quickly followed all of their instructions on what to do and how to do it even though she was still confused a lot but that was because of the memories.

When they had started to put the drug into her so that they could do they finalizing part of the instructions but they realized that something had went wrong when after they did that she had stopped breathing all together and that she was seizing but they couldn’t do anything to stop it because they knew if they did then something worse would happen to everything that was going on.

They had only known of this because it was in one of Alexa´s few instructions to not go near her during when this is happening because something worse could happen. Logan was having to physically hold Alex back though because of how much of a pain this was causing her. They both didn’t want to see Alexa dead but Logan knew it was more painful for Alex than her.

When Alexa woke up five hours later Alex and Logan were laying down looking like they had been crying.

Alex was sleeping and Logan was looking at the sky and seemed to be lost in thoughts. She was starting to remember everything but it had also cost her a lot because she doesn’t remember very much and the only reason she is alive is because she stayed away from the others while the drug was taking place.

Everything that had happened was supposed to happen but nobody was to know of it. Logan’s head snaps around at the sound of me moving around. She is shocked at first before she quietly tells me to come over so that she wouldn’t wake up Alex. When she got her memories back she got more memories then she knew were possible but one stood out. 

It was the memory about the secret but it was locked and she just knew it would just be locked up until she finds a way to unlock it. She looks around her and sees that she is in the woods but doesn’t remember anything from today or yesterday.

She asks Logan to explain what’s going on and why she has tears in her eyes again after looking around for a while. Since it was nighttime Logan said she would explain in the morning and that right now it is too late in the night.

She also explained how that in the last day or two the guys had somehow found out about where she was staying when she didn’t have her memories so after everything is explained and Alexa nodding her head telling her that she understands Logan they start to head out of the woods and to a house that is not too far but they know they will be safe for a bit.

Before they had started walking though since Alex was still asleep Alexa asked to hold her so they didn´t have to wake her up but also because it had been awhile since she had last seen her sister.

Logan lets her hold her and Alex almost wakes up while getting picked up because of the shift in the movement she wasn’t expecting. When they are sure she isn’t going to wake up because they want her to have rest for now they start moving in a new direction. When they arrive at the house that they are sure no one would find they quickly head inside so that they can go to sleep. They don’t want to stay up too long with the day they have had.

What they hadn’t known was that when they left the woods Juan and Sam were just arriving at where they were and knew exactly where they were headed but they didn’t want to catch them just yet. Juan and Sam had known each other longer than they say they do and it’s one thing with the secret the other part is Juan, Alexa, and Alex because Juan involved them in it. Juan and Sam knew that Logan and Alex were working with Alexa ever since they had left but they knew something was also up once Alexa had left. 

It had been two months since Logan and Alex found out that Sam and Juan knew that they were working against them and two months since they had left and so they are on the run just as much but they know a little bit about the others more before they had left. With their knowledge they are able to help Alexa more than before; they just haven’t really explained the whole situation in depth. The next morning when everyone woke up well it was only Alex and Logan that headed down stairs before they turned to the coroner and Alex let out a surprised gasp since she didn’t know she was alive at all.

After explaining everything to her and how it had happened she had asked Logan to explain everything because Alex went out to make a call to someone and Alexa gave a knowing look to Logan before asking her to start explaining everything. While Logan was explaining everything outside with Alex she is on the phone with her supposed dead father. He isn’t really dead but he did change in many ways. Alex is hiding the fact that he is alive to protect Alexa even though she has already met him and lived with him again she still wants to protect her. 

What she hadn’t known was that Alexa was right next to the door after her conversation with Logan to see how Alex was because of how long she was taking with her phone call. Alexa hears the words “dad” and “she can’t know” and “I have got to go” before she panics and goes to the opposite side of the room before Alex can even go back into the house.

Alex thought nothing of it and continues on with her day when she gets into the house because that has always been Alexa to her. When Alexa, Logan, and Alex figure out that they are just behind them but have been for a while they were confused because they didn’t know why he didn’t just go after them then.

When they figure out it’s because they are just trying to make it last longer then it always had they start to finally put the rest of the plan in place in case something bad was to happen. Alexa puts an extra note just in case she doesn’t come alive.

Logan does the same thing for Alexa and Alex because she knows she will try anything to make sure that they are safe. When the time comes for everything to go down they all get ready to go into the woods after Alex had explained to them the phone calls and where to go so they could start. 

They head out just as Juan and Sam are heading to the woods because they saw something in the bushes the last time they were here. They all arrive at the same time and Juan tells Sam to hide and check the bushes while Logan and Alexa tell Alex that she has to get to Sam and stop him before he gets to the bushes. While all of that is happening Juan and Logan plus Alexa all start walking in the same direction to see how this is going to end because it could end in very different ways.  Both sides meet in the middle at the same time.

Logan and Alexa are both worried for Alex for the ways that this could end are either very badly or not as badly. She would still lose someone she is close with because they both know they could never talk Juan down especially after what they know now. What they didn’t know was that Alex knew this and also knew that neither of the girls would allow her in too much harm’s way after everything, so she had to go behind their backs to make sure that they will always be safe. While she did as asked she did catch Sam and she gagged him so that she could be quit. 

While trying to do this so that neither of them could stop her or Juan because he wouldn’t do it on purpose seeing as he only wanted Alexa or Logan to die because they had supposedly “killed” his wife. They hadn’t, he just thinks they had because they were the first people he saw after the accident. So while she was sneaking up on them so that her own plan could go into play Sam was trying to be as loud as possible like that was seriously what she had needed. Since they were so close to them they could literally hear almost anything and she didn’t want her plan to get ruined so she did what any normal human being would do and punched him in the face while kicking him in the leg so the he can fall to the ground but also quietly so she helped him out of the kindness of her heart.

After all of that she went on her way and arrived just on time to see Juan pull out a gun so right as he was about to pull the trigger without being seen she quickly and quietly stepped underneath the gun and before it went off she stood up surprising everyone making Juan “accidently” shoot the gun twice after his hand was already on the trigger and it went off into her stomach and she fell. Alexa and Logan started crying confused on why this was happening when it was supposed to be them while Juan ran off now scared because he had killed innocent. Sam woke up and saw this but when he had woken up he ran just like Juan did because it wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

All the while when this was happening Alex last said before she had “died” that at least to keep the secret forever a secret and to never speak of it again. That was the last thing she had done before she had passed out.

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