Multimedia class looking for creative students

Dominguez Dominguez, a sophomore, prepares to work on his multimedia project at Senior High.
Photo by Trevor Andrews

Photo by Trevor Andrews

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter

            If a student likes to use their imagination, make videos and are creative, there are classes at Senior High that might open a door for them.

            Christopher Holton, a Multimedia teacher said there are many things covered in his class.

             “The Multimedia Pathway is for students to learn different forms of communication, primarily visual, whether that’s static, imagery, web based, movies, video, animation, or audio.”

             Holton said that students primarily use Adobe software in the class.

            “We use the Adobe Creative Suite. We primarily work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition,” he said. “Students also have the option to work in other applications not used in the class.”

             He added that near the end of class students have the opportunity to use any software they’d like. Which he said gives time for students to practice how to use software or make things.

             Holton said a variety of students take the class and that many of them have a need to be creative or to feel like they need to take part in the process.

             “Whether they are coming up with the idea or not, some students like the idea of editing.  These students really get behind the idea of taking the video clips and putting them together,” Holton said.

            The Multimedia pathway runs from traditional graphic design, print based media, web design, or web layout concepts Holton said.

            “Students can also get into multimedia as freelance photographers, freelance graphic designers; they can create their own business and be their own boss,” Holton said.

             Holton said that in our society today, people consume media many times a day and learning how that media is created is important.

            Gavin Emery, a sophomore in the class, said that what he is learning will help him in the future.

             “I plan to be a graphic designer or game designer,” said Emery. “I chose this pathway because I like using technology to edit videos, photos, and other forms of media. I enjoy using Adobe Photoshop most,” he added.

             Emery said that his favorite part of the class so far is the work the class did with animal hybrids.

             He said the hybrid animal project was a project on Adobe Photoshop where students used Photoshop to combine two animals together. 

            “I’ve learned how to blend and crop things in Photoshop as well as how to make basic shapes in illustrator,” Emery said. “I enjoy using the different programs and learning how to use them, as well as the people in my class.”

             Holton said he would encourage students to take a look at the class if they are creative and like working with technology.

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