Gage Brockmeier pursuing his love of music

Senior Gage Brockmeier performs as Bert in the Fall Musical Mary Poppins.

By Nancy Gongora, reporter

            Gage Brockmeier’s love of music gegam when he was still in middle school and that love has grown through his high school years at GISH.

            Following his graduation in May, Brockmeier will be attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where he plans to learn how to produce and create music at a professional level and be able to perform for others.

            “My goal in life is to become a singer/songwriter and music producer,” he said. 

Brockmeier, who has been performing for the past six years, said what he enjoys most about being in show choir is the “camaraderie” and being part of a large singing group.

            “We spend a ton of time together, and we always get along. I also really enjoy getting to perform for people, and feeling the energy of the crowd.”

            Other than show choir Brockmeier said he has been involved in the school musicals, one act plays; has run in cross country for two years and also played baseball.

            In order to attend Berklee, Brockmeier said he had to audition and that included singing a prepared piece of about five minutes.

Gage Brockmeier and Yill Martin, both seniors, perform as part of Ultimate Image during their competition in Hastings.

            “Then I had to improvise singing, and then finally an ear training and sight reading test. After that there was a 15 minute interview process,” he said.

            Brochmeier said he would encourage people to get involved in the music program at GISH.

            “The music program here is genuinely the most accepting, caring program in the entire school,” he said. “There are people of all different backgrounds, races, preferences, and religions; there is a place there for anyone.”

            He added that it’s been his experience that those involved in the music program bond because of the time they spend together “with awesome people,” adding that many of those other students become life-long friends.

            Brochmeier said his favorite memories at Senior High would those he spend while performing.

            “My favorite memory at GISH has to be this fall, when I got to play the role of Bert in Mary Poppins. It was absolutely incredible to be a part of and an absolute blast to perform.”

            Something else he said he’d never forget was during his sophomore year in show choir.

            “I would also say when we won Grand Champion at Omaha North. It’s incredibly rewarding to win after working so hard,” he said.

            Brochmeier and the rest of the varsity show choir, Ultimate Image, are currently competing at schools across the state. They have performed at Gretna and Hastings and on Jan. 29 they will compete at Omaha Westside High School.

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