Lexie Osborn a big supporter of show choir

Lexie Osborn, left, performs during Premiere Night at Senior High.

By Blanca Hernandez, Reporter 

Alexis (Lexie) Osborn, a senior at GISH, said she believes that show choir is one of the best activities to be involved in at school.

“The best part of being involved in a show choir are the people you meet and the how different cliques merge and come together to make music and work as a team.”

She added she also believes that show choir has been the best group that she has been a part of.

Osborn’s love of music began at a young age.

“I first started being interested in music in elementary school. I loved it and it was one thing that I was exceptionally good at,” she said.

Other than choir, Osborn has been part of other activities at Senior High including speech, musical, one-act plays, FBLA and is a member of NHS.

After high school, Osborn said she plans to attend college and study business, specifically accounting and will minor in music. She said that she hasn’t decided which college she will be attending, but “I will be able to take my experiences that I have with me.”

Osborn said she would recommend underclassmen to audition for the three show choirs at GISH.

 “Underclassmen should go out for fine arts because it’s such a great opportunity and environment you don’t find just anywhere because of how diverse everyone is,” she said.

Osborn added that the fine arts is a “judgement free zone” and that the people involved are very focused on competing as a team in order to “show good we are.”

 Osborn said that choir made her discover where she belonged and her the talent that was inside her.

“Choir helped me find out who I was and gave me a sense of what I can do.”

This is Osborn’s sixth year in choir as she started as a seventh grade student at Westridge Middle School. She said that in those six years, she hasn’t learned everything yet and that there is so much more for her to learn.

Osborn said she believes that choir is much more than just a regular activity.

 “For those who say it’s just singing and dancing, they would be wrong. It is so much more than that, as you learn how to perform and use your voice for other things in life.”

Osborn is part of the varsity show choir at GISH. She and the other three choirs have competed at other high school and on Jan. 29 will compete at Westside High School in Omaha.

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