Romance, tragedy and comedy all rolled together in winter play

A night of laughs and tears await those who attend the showing of, “A Midsummer Night’s Texas Size Nightmare,” in the Little Theater Feb. 18-19.

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor

“A Midsummer Night’s Texas Size Nightmare,” will be performed Feb. 18 and 19 in the Little Theater of Senior High.

            Tickets will be sold at the east entrance door the night of the performances for $5. Students who have their ID’s will get in for free and the play will begin around 7:30 on both nights.

            The play is a comic relief that tells the story of four Athenians who run away from their homes and flee into a forest. In the beginning, there are two couples: Hermia and Lysander and Helena and Demetrius. Hermia’s father would like to see his daughter marry Demetrius instead of Lysander. He tells Puck, a fairy, to play tricks on them. By accident, Puck gives a love potion to Lysander and makes him fall in love with Helena. A love triangle begins to form and now Hermia has no partner. As they travel deeper into the woods, they face more and more challenges and have to overcome misunderstandings.

            Will there be a happy ending for all four of them or will it end in disaster? That question will be answered before the final curtain.

            Hermia is played by Hannah Madison; Lysander is played by Jayden Adams, Helena is played by Carley Pool, and Demetrius is played by Logan Ripp.

            Anne Martinez is the student director of the play and is in charge of making sure the story flows well and that everyone knows their lines, said Director Christine Kier.

            “There aren’t any real leads in the play because lines are distributed pretty equally for each character. If you had to choose a lead though, Anne is a good one since she is the director and tells the story,” said Kier.

            Kier added that her favorite part of the play is when Thisbe and Pyramus – star-crossed lovers – are having their own “play within the play.”

            “It’s like they are in their own world. I think the audience will get a kick out of it because their story is supposed to be tragic, but the way that they act in the scene makes people laugh,” she said.

            Kier mentioned how hard everyone has been working to put a good show together.

            “They have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort. We have been rehearsing four days every week since we came back from winter break,” she said.

            The show does not have a main message that they want to share but is instead something to make people laugh.

            “We wanted the play to be something entertaining for students. We want them to be able to forget about their worries and problems,” she said.

            Because of the new mask mandate, both the staff and the cast have been rehearsing with masks on. The audience will be expected to wear masks during the play.

            “I’m not sure if the cast is going to wear masks while performing, but I hope that we don’t have to because it’s hard to project their voices with masks on. We will probably have to wear them because we don’t want to spread germs,” she said.

            Kier added that she is hoping people come to see the play and that they get to enjoy it. 

“It’s a really funny story filled with romance, tragedy, and adventure. I think it’ll help distract students and parents from their everyday lives,” she said.

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