Senior High students recognized for their art work

Art Instructor Micki Nuss, far right, along with students Brayan Hernandez and Deisy Lopez display some of the art that was recently entered at the Omaha Art Show. The student art will be on display through the end of March. Photo by Nancy Gongora.

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter

            According to their art instructors, students in their classes worked hard to create pottery and paintings that are currently on display as part of the Omaha Art Show.

            Instructor Micki Nuss said there were 35 pieces of art that she delivered to the show, where the student’s pieces were judged are were eligible to win a Gold or Silver key, or receive an Honorable Mention for their work.

            The pieces will remain on display through March. 

Nuss, the pottery teacher, said she believes art benefits students because it helps them to become well-rounded in their education.

“Students get to learn many problem solving skills such as math and science when they incorporate shapes and knowledge into their art,” she said.

“As a teacher, I photograph their art and submit it to a panel of judges,” she said.

Senior Tia Broadwell and junior Anahi Mendoza Perez won Gold keys in Omaha while junior Iris Morales and senior Lilly Miller placed third and fourth.

            Nuss said that she believes students are inspired by their creativity and what they are going through.

            “We are living in times that are going to be in history books,” she said. “It’s really hard being a teenager in 2022 especially because COVID-19 affected all of us.”

            Nuss added that students create work that shows a high amount of skill, idea, and experience. 

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