Need a snack, check out Hula’s

Hula’s Manager Diane Meyers complete an order from a student needing a snack during the school day. Photo by Emilia Rojo.

By Emilia Rojo, Reporter

            There’s a line every morning, sometimes around lunch time and even as the school day ends at one of Senior High’s most popular hang-outs.

It’s called Hula’s.

Hulas is a mix of snack bar and school store as chips, cookies, sandwiches, salads and drinks are available throughout the day. But school shirts and other merchandise are also sold there.

If you need a little snack or some energy for that English test, Hula’s is a frequent stop.

            Hulas has been around for 22 years, since 2000.

Diane Meyers

Manager Diane Meyers said that Hula’s has been operating since 2000 and added that it’s a good job most of the time, but from the amount of customers they normally get a week, they frequently run out of some of the most popular items.

“It can be stressful working here,” she said. “I have to order the food and bottled drinks and predict how much we’re going to need.” 

            Hulas is also a class/elective for any one who wants to help out, but the class needs to have special requirements in order to take it. 

Meyers said the goal for the class is to be able to learn job working skills. 

            Meyers also said she wants the customers to learn about what it’s like being a customer in the future and being able to order their own things instead of having an adult help them. 

            Hulas has about 32 students working there for every class period along with two adults assisting. Approximately four students work each class period. 

            Hulas is open to any students or teachers, but sophomores and freshman students are required to have a pass during class to make a purchase, while juniors and seniors are allowed to go and buy from Hulas anytime during the day. There are no grade restrictions at the beginning and end of the day.

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