JAG students raising awareness on human trafficking

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter

            JAG students at Senior High hosted a human trafficking awareness walk on Monday, April 11. 

            Sherah Piercy, JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) instructor, said that students wanted to hold an event to spread awareness about human trafficking. 

            “We had someone from the crisis center come in and talk about what human trafficking is and how many people are affected by it,” she said. 

            Following the presentation, Piercy said students decided they wanted to do something to raise awareness and that’s when they decided they wanted to do the awareness walk. 

            She said that many people don’t have a good understanding of what human trafficking is about.

            “We want to raise awareness that this is happening in your neighborhoods, in your school, in businesses, and other places in town,” Piercy said. 

            People need to have more accurate information about human trafficking, she said, adding that the majority of people believe that human trafficking is just kidnapping.

            All events that the JAG class hosts are chosen by students, Piercy said and that students work together to prepare for the event.

            She said that students have made posters, put together playlists, researched facts, and put together a slideshow all for the Awareness Walk.

            Students didn’t receive a grade for their work on this project because she students “believed in the event” and wanted to help to raise awareness.  

Something Piercy said she hopes people will learn from the event is that there are ways to recognize the signs of human trafficking and knowing those will help to keep people safe.

There were QR codes around the area during the event that provides more information about human trafficking, Piercy said and that if someone believes that human trafficking may be happening, they shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

            Along with the human trafficking awareness walk, Piercy said that some JAG students also went to Lincoln to seen the Nebraska Legislature in action. 

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