Club working to motivate future scientists

By Emilia Rojo, Reporter

            If students want to learn more about science then there is a club at Senior High that can do that.

The Science Exploration club is an opportunity for students to gain insight, knowledge and motivation for science related fields and maybe pursue a career after high school, according to club sponsor Patti Van Pelt. 

She added that the club also keeps students involved and safe after school.

The club began with only one student and met in room 621. 

Van Pelt said that as the school year continued, the club gained more members. 

“We only had one student at the end of the first week but then that number doubled and now we have 12 students on a regular basis,” she added.

The purpose of the club, Van Pelt said, is to provide students with “fun, hands-on-activities that relate to some type of science.” She said she hopes that students will enjoy the activities and become more interested in science along with having time to work with other students in a setting other than a classroom.

According to Jolyne Zigler, another club sponsor, said she believes the goal of the club is to “give students that are interested in science an opportunity to learn more and do fun science activities.”

She added that in the future they “plan to get those students involved in different science competitions they might be interested in.”

Zigler said she hopes that students who take part in the club will have a “personalized experience” that will help them learn about the many different areas and opportunities offered by science. 

“I hope they will learn science skills and look toward college and career choices,” she said.

So what do students gain by participating in the club?

Van Pelt said she believes students will gain “insight, knowledge, motivation for science related fields and maybe pursue a career after high school.”

She said that she hopes that students will learn a variety of things in the club including “a variety of science related topics whether it be in physical, earth or life sciences.”

The club meets once a week from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday evenings.

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