My first trip to El Salvador 

By Blanca Hernandez, reporter 

A few weeks before the end of the school year my family took a trip; not to another state, but another country.

Blanca Hernandez

When we arrived at the airport in El Salvador my aunts Esmeralda, Flor, and Ana were waiting anxiously to greet me, my younger sisters and my parents. 

I was so excited to meet my aunt Esmeralda and my aunt Flor who are also my dad’s aunts and my aunt Ana, who is my mom’s sister. They all greeted us with loving hugs. 

During our stay in El Salvador my family and I stayed in my Aunt Esmeralda house.

When we arrived at her house she had made some delicious pupusas and tamales and a refreshing soda called Kolashampan. The soda was made in El Salvador.

            During our first week, my family and I tried some traditional fruits that you can’t find in the United States like Granadillas, Jocotes, Mango Tiernos, Guayabas, and Mamey Sapote. My favorite fruits are the Granadillas, mango tiernos, and Guayabas. 

We also tried the delicious typical cravings of El Salvador like nuegados with honey and I also tried different pastries that originated in El Salvador. 

On the second week, we enjoyed the sea and the sun of the east in the department of La Libertad.  

Our destination was the hotel Eco Mandala villas. It was impressive to see the sea so close. It was surrounded by a lot of vegetation and it was so beautiful.  

Our second destination was Sabas Beach resort in the same department of La Libertad. There was a pool and sea that was close. The food was delicious and had lots of flavor.

I got the chance to put my feet into the water at the beach. It felt warm and my dad, sisters, and I played in the waves while my mom watched from shore.

Our last destination was the Hotel Los Farallones where we stayed for three days. There was a pool and a view facing the sea that was incredible.  

From the terrace we could see where the waves started and ended.  

One time we ate dinner on the terrace in front of the sea and it was so beautiful. My family and I could hear the waves of the sea hit on the rocks from our hotel room and all of that was an unforgettable experience. 

On our third week my parents took us to the swap meets where there was everything I could every want like clothing and shows. My parents bought us clothes and shoes.

We went to a restaurant called Buena Vista where there was a lot of plants. We could see a lake called Atitlań from the table we were sitting at.  

We also went to a restaurant called Cafe Santa Cruz. It was a very beautiful place where you can appreciate the Lake Ilopango.

After the third week finished, it was time to return home.

We said our goodbyes to our loved ones with the desire of returning one day.

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