Homecoming Night was quite the experience 

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter

            Something I will always remember about my sophomore year at Senior High was attending the Homecoming Dance. While I couldn’t stay for long with my friends, it made this year go better.

Nancy Gongora

            It all started with the homecoming posters that had been placed around the school for a while.

Since I saw them I couldn’t help but find out everything I needed to know about that special night. Then I discussed this with my friends and we decided to go together.  

            Homecoming day was getting closer and closer and I was getting a little nervous because there were very few tickets remaining. I was able to buy a ticket one of the last days they were on sale. It was $10 well spent.

            My friends and I were adjusting everything and making sure we would be on time for homecoming but the clock kept ticking and before I knew it, homecoming Saturday was here.

            I couldn’t explain the feeling about the excitement and anxiety if the dress that I was going to buy wouldn’t fit. To make sure we didn’t forget to buy my dress last minute, my mom and I rushed to the mall in search of one. 

We went to Dillard’s, which is filled with a variety of dresses and styles, with a lot of stress. We thought long and hard about choosing my dress and I finally picked one in the end. 

            It was a really gorgeous color: purple with sparkles all over the dress and with a slit at the bottom that showed my legs and made me feel elegant. I felt pleased with the results. 

            Days were passing and the nights of our life were becoming a reality, to finish off my look I needed some shoes. We went to Dillard’s again to buy some. I needed my shoes to compliment my dress but they couldn’t be too extravagant because in the end I’m probably was not going to use them again. 

            I chose a pair of pinkish ones with sparkles all over it. I wanted a purple one so it would match with the dress but there wasn’t any available.        There were also other options for the shoes like a clear one but it didn’t fit the theme. My mom and I discussed it, and I chose the pink one with sparkles because it looked the best out of all of the choices. 

Then it was Saturday! Homecoming Day had arrived and I couldn’t feel more excited.

The afternoon seemed to fly by and after running some quick errands, it was time to get ready. I needed to wash my hair and curl it, so I did that and the last part was to change into my dress. Seven hit the clock and I texted my friends that I was going pick them up. We got into the car and drove to the school. 

After finding a place to park, we hurried to the entrance as we only had a few hours left and wanted to make the most of the experience. 

This was where the fun began.

We entered and it was a whole new world with lights of different colors flashing and a whole audience singing and dancing. 

We were having so much fun at homecoming including the music, atmosphere and even the food! 

Yes, there was pizza outside of the gym being sold by a couple of teachers. 

And of course to make our night even more enjoyable my friends and I got a couple of slices before heading back into the gym just in time to for some Hispanic Reggaeton music.

It seemed that my life was flashing before my and the next thing I knew was that people were leaving and my friends were ready to leave as well.

On the way out some teachers were handing out some free pizza, but they ran out by the time we got to them.

But that didn’t ruin our night.

My mom came by and picked us up and it was the end to a memorable evening.

That night was important to me because I was able to make two new friends through the experience and I was able to feel what a Homecoming dance was all about. It was the first school dance I had been able to attend and was something I will always remember.

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