Grand Island Senior High changes its dress code

By Xzandra Hoard, Reporter

Calvin Hubbard, assistant principal, stands in front of the east office.

         Most students have said that they don’t have a problem with the way students used to dress because it wasn’t distracting to them in any way. Some teachers, on the other hand, have said that they were upset at how much skin students were showing, mainly what the girls were wearing to school.

         Calvin Hubbard had said, “We needed to have a clear policy that addresses the expectations of our community, the expectations of the school providing college career readiness and also addressing personal safety for our students.”

         Students at Grand Island Senior High (GISH) are now unable to wear athletic shorts that are mid thigh, but most athletic shorts sold for females are higher than mid thigh.  Girls around the school also mentioned how it’s unfair why girls with less cleavage don’t get in trouble when they wear certain types of shirts, but the girls with more cleavage are told to put a jacket on right away or they get sent to the office.

         Wearing hats or hoods inside the school are not permitted so that teachers are able to recognize students in case someone who does not go to this school comes in. Students at GISH are not allowed to sag their pants or show their undergarments, which is mainly for safety reasons.  Guys and girls who sag their pants will be dress coded because it is violating the rule that requires that students not show their undergarments.

         Towards the mask situation, some students have said that they are relieved they do not have to wear a mask to school anymore or on the bus. They explained that they are now able to breathe freely and recognize who they are speaking to.

         On the other hand, other students said the school should have kept masks because students in the building seem to be getting sicker by the day. The main reason students and teachers can tell students are still getting sick is because there is a lot of sniffling going around, coughing, and still more positive covid tests.

         Hubbard was asked “Do you feel relieved that Grand Island Senior High students and teachers don’t have masks as the dress code anymore and why do you feel that way?”

         He responded, “I really am relieved and here’s why: I believe the school without masks has to include a social communication with seeing someone smile and or their emotions.”

         Every student at Senior High has a student identification card with their first and last name, picture, also their grade number. Students are required to wear their school identification (ID) on a lanyard around their neck, so that it is visible to teachers and staff for everyone’s safety.  If students forget their IDs, the school supplies them with a sticker before school begins, where students write their name for identification.

         Hall monitors will make sure the students have their identification on before walking into the building and at the beginning of classes. They will ask students for their ID number to make sure the student goes to this school.

         Having their IDs allows teachers to know what students go to Senior High and when they have lunch. This way teachers and hall monitors know when students are trying to get themselves a second lunch or skip their classes.

         GISH has many students and it can get hard to keep track of where everyone is supposed to be, so with student identifications the school is able to keep track of what bathroom students are going to use, with the new E-hall pass system.

         Senior High decided on August 18, 2022 that students will have consequences for violating the school dress code. Students who violate the dress code will be told to change their appearance, which could include wearing a t-shirt that is issued by the school. Students that have recurring violations will be given an in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension. Parents will be notified about any of the dress code policy issues.

         Hubbard’s said, “I think detentions serve as a reflection as once they are out in the real world, when they go further into a job or college they will need to learn to respect routines and procedures, I feel those consequences do change the behavior of these students for their future.”

         The administration has decided that changing the dress code could be helpful for the school’s learning environment.

         Hubbard said, “The complaint would be that we are not setting high expectations for our students and teachers. Parents would expect us to establish relationships with kids. Whether you want to believe it or not, students can distract people whether we like it or not, in the learning environment because of the way some may dress.”

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