GISH 2022 Homecoming

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter

         Homecoming is an essential part of the high school experience!

         The Homecoming dance was held on Saturday September 10, 2022. It was a great turn- out, some have even called it record breaking.

         When students walked in the door there was a black carpet. On the side of the carpet was a bench where students could take photos. If the students walked farther up there was another opportunity to take pictures under a white wooden archway. 

Teagan Cheetsos and Yasser Abdalla pose after getting crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

         At the end of the black carpet was the coat check-in where most students put their belongings. Left of the coat check-in is where they offered water, popcorn and pizza or the students could go into the gym where music was playing, students were dancing, and a photo booth was available.

         To the right of the coat check was where the movies were playing. Some doors led to an outside setting where students could have fresh air and cool off from all the dancing.

         Some people after Homecoming might be wondering what all goes into it.  Who funds it? Who plans it? Who picks the theme and all the details going into Homecoming?

         The Student Council sponsor, Tara Baker, said that Student Council members come up with all the details and are in charge of decorating. 

         Student Council last year sent out a vote to the student body asking what theme they thought Homecoming should have for the 2022-23 school year. The votes stated the theme would be Enchanted Garden. 

         Student Council also funds all Homecoming dances; they use the money from the previous Homecoming to pay for the upcoming one. 

         Senior High sophomore Emaleigh Dreher said, “It was really fun and I liked the music.”

         She also said that if she were to change anything, it would be that there should be more fans in the gym. 

         Dreher described Homecoming as  “hot, messy, and fun.”

         With the variety of things to do that night,  there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

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