Art department at GISH showcases students art pieces

By Jase Jones, Reporter

         Every year several art projects are created by classes in the art department. Right now, Kacey Lammers’s class is working on making sculptures.

         Some have made sculptures of themselves, family members, random objects, and even horror movie characters. 

Brianna Guzman designed and created this art piece.

         A unique piece was made by Brianna Guzman. Lammers said that the idea for the project was “How do we make a regular object beautiful?”

         In this instance the base was incorporated into the sculpture itself; it shares a very similar red and black line design. The inspiration for her was a doodle she made in her notebook.

         Another interesting piece was made by Cindy Garcia. This was the same project.

This mushroom art piece was created by Abreyn Ferrero.

         Her original idea was to make it look like a brain. She then found a base that reminded her of a cutting board. This changed her idea to resemble something closer to cheese. 

         Finally, with a more realistic shape, Abreyn Ferrero made a mushroom on a checkerboard base. This seems normal until you see the colors and patterns on it. The hypnotizing patterns and bright melting colors are what give this piece a unique look. Lammers said that seeing these different creations is one of his favorite parts of teaching art. “There’s so many different things you can do with the material. It’s great to see students really zone in when they’ve figured out the direction they want to go.”

Ghostface was a sculpture made by Alonzo Reyes.

         All of these projects were taking inspiration from Constantin Brancusi. He was a very influential sculptor and a pioneer of modernism, the style of art these sculptures would fit under. One student, Isai Chavez said that the style of art was “Very out there.”  The use of abstract shapes and bright colors is what made him think this.

         Turning away from the abstract styles, several students based their creations around fictional and real people. 

         Their goal was to make a perfect facial imitation of the person they chose.

Diana Venegas created this sculpture of her face.

         The first imitational piece of art was made by Alonzo Reyes. His sculpture was of Ghostface, a popular horror movie character. The art isn’t of an actual face, but rather the mask worn by the character. 

         Another student, Diana Venegas, created a sculpture of her own face. This is a very different take than many of the other students. Most did a celebrity, a family member, or even a fictional character. It was a very bold approach to try and recreate her face.

         In Michael Lough’s class students are working on drawings. They are focusing on making photo-realistic drawings of luxury items.      

Ring drawing created by Sophia.

Sophia, a student in Lough’s class, decided to draw a ring. The shading shows how much effort she is putting toward getting the realistic effect. Lots of students put lots of effort into their work. Lammers said that “Art can be stressful.” Especially when hours of time are being put into a project.

         Those are just a few of the unique pieces made this year. All of these are, or will be displayed in the art department gallery.

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