The GIPS Cast

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter

         What and who is the GIPS Cast? 

         The GIPS Cast is run by a team; the host is Mitchell Roush, GIPS Communications Director. The GIPS Cast has been up and running for about a year and a half now. 

         Roush said that the GIPS Cast was a group effort, “It started with former Superintendent, Dr. Grover, and former Board of Education Member Erika Wolfe. Starting a district podcast was an idea folks had discussed in the past but hadn’t really landed on a strong ‘hook .’ Last summer, we brought the idea back to the table and worked to establish a fun, meaningful approach for what would eventually become ‘The GIPS Cast’.”

The GIPS Cast runs a podcast to inform parents and students on the GIPS school system.

         They officially launched mid-October 2022 and have received positive responses so far.  

         The podcast is there to guide others and help them understand what’s going on within the GIPS school system. 

         The GIPS Cast talks about “exploring the world of public education through the voices of one of Nebraska’s largest, most diverse school districts.”

         The podcast is trying to celebrate teachers and staff members in GIPS schools. The podcast posts twice a month; episodes are usually 30 minutes or less. 

         Communications coordinator Kelli Mayhew said, “The idea for the podcast was a team effort. Our communications team talked about doing one a few years ago, but then the pandemic hit. The idea was brought up again this summer during a meeting. It felt like the right time, and our team had the capacity to take it on as we produce it all in-house.”

         Kelli Mayhew said she would love to see the GIPS Cast continue: “The GIPS Cast offers space for genuine, informative, and kind conversations, which I feel is important.” 

         If students are looking to find out more about GIPS and want to stay involved in what’s happening, listen to the GIPS Cast. All episodes may be found on the district website.

         The latest episode is always linked on the homepage. Also, the GIPS Cast may be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or your favorite podcast platform.

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