Powerlifting team wins third at last meet, Jan. 28

By Jase Jones, Reporter

         The GISH powerlifting team just got back from a meet at Creighton Prep. They were one of six teams competing. 

         GISH Powerlifting members have been training since early first semester for their meets. This was their third and they will have the opportunity to go to state. For many of the athletes the competitions help keep them motivated in the gym. 

         “The meets give me something to look forward to,”  said Cash Bramble, a member of the powerlifting team. 

         The meet took place on Saturday Jan. 28, bright and early at 7:30 a.m. The team left on the bus at 5:15 to get there in time, but the early times are always worth it for the athletes. 

         “Sometimes it’s hard to get up early like that, but it’s always so much fun to be at the meets. It’s a great feeling to show up and show everyone the progress you’ve made,” said Bramble. He got to experience that firsthand at this meet: he hit a deadlift personal record of 410 pounds.

         The team did well at the meet, finishing third overall. The team also improved on hitting their planned starting lifts. These are called openers. An opener is set at a weight that an athlete can slowly add more to, so it should be one that is for sure achievable. This meet the team only had 8 failed openers, at the previous meet there were 13. 

         In the months of training leading up to the meets, all of the athletes had training plans designed for them by Coach Doyle, who’s in charge of the team. Each athlete has the same exercises built into their plan, but the weight is changed to fit their individual strengths. The lifters train their plan at least three days a week, this can be completed during Islander Time or after school. 

         The team is now gearing up for the State Championships at Midland University. The competition will be held on Feb. 25 for the boys, and Feb. 26 for the girls. State will be a good challenge for the team, it’s by far the highest level of competition they’ve competed at so far.

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