Behind the scenes of Senior High’s trap team

By Xzandra Hoard, Reporter

         Grand Island Senior High has a trap team which is coached by Jeff Schochenmaier and his wife. 

         “The most important rule is always safety, making sure guns are unloaded when they are not in use and making sure you watch out for yourself and others while on the trap line. As well as wearing all safety gear (safety glasses, ear protection),” said Jeff Schochenmaier. 

         Schochenmaier seems to feel that his students are improving more and more throughout the season because he said, “Their skills improve as the season progresses. The more shooting time they have, the better. They also have a variety of disciplines such as trap, sporting clays, skeet, and handicap trap, that they can also shoot which makes them sharper shooters over time.”

         “I have many favorite parts of the team. I would like to say that watching the kids from their first shoot till their last shoot and seeing their smiles on their faces because they have shot well and they’ve had fun is the best of my favorites,” said Schochenmaier. They have practice on Sundays and Wednesdays for two to three hours.

         Trap shooting is a specific type of clay target shooting. The shooter is required to shoot at a target after he or she yells “pull”. The rules to trap shooting are that the targets must be thrown no less than forty eight yards no more than fifty two yards and should be between eight and twelve feet high and ten yards from the trap. Shooters must stand a minimum of sixteen yards from the trap houses. 

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