Insight on GISH’s After School Program

The After School Program (ASP) is held after school Mondays-Thursdays in the library to help students with homework and provide them with a quiet space to study.

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter

         There are many opportunities available for students at Grand Island Senior High. ASP is one of them.

         ASP stands for After School Program. ASP is a program after school that helps students with their homework or even understand what they are learning about in class. ASP is open to everyone Monday through Thursday. All students are welcome. 

         Subjects taught at ASP usually consist of the core classes; English, Math, Science, Social Studies, sometimes even Spanish. ASP takes place in GISH’s library from 3:30 until 6 P.M. 

         It is not the same teacher every day. Teachers take turns teaching a subject. Mrs. Ekhoff teaches biology. 

         Ekhoff said the main goal of ASP is “to give students the support they need in a safe learning environment.”

         ASP is there to give students an opportunity to get caught up in class, understand the material better or even learn something new. In ASP, students don’t have to talk to the teachers if they don’t necessarily have questions, students can just go and hang out, maybe get caught up on homework or even just to wait for rides if needed. The teachers are simply there to help when and if needed. Often snacks are also provided to each student who shows up. 

         If students are interested in ASP all they have to do is simply show up, no pass nor teacher and administration recommendations are required. Also if students choose to go one day they can show up and get a snack and not have to worry about having to show up everyday. 

         Another thing about ASP is students do not have to stay for the entire time. If students just want to go for a couple of minutes or to just ask a teacher one question they are absolutely allowed to do so, and if students want to stay the entire time they can freely do so also. 

         ASP is a program that offers great opportunities to all students. They help students who need help catching up in class or to better understand a subject or simply just give students a quiet place to study and work on homework. 

         Again ASP happens Monday through Thursday from 3:30 until 6 p.m and teachers switch days so that there are a variety of teaching styles because every student learns differently. Maybe a different teacher is just what a student needs. 

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