Senior High’s Gardening Club continues to grow

By Jase Jones, Reporter

         This year a brand new club was formed at Senior HIgh, The Gardening Club. 

         The Gardening Club is a nature-focused club. The club and its members have big aspirations for the future of their organization. 

         This year they have spent lots of time brainstorming how to expand on what they already do. Their main focus right now is trying to find somebody to sponsor the club, as it is currently completely student led. 

Join The Garden Club today if you like to work with plants and want to volunteer in the community.

         The club also wants to be able to gain more members as the next school year begins. Eventually they want to start selling plants and other gardening supplies to help raise funds for the club.

         The Gardening Club meets every Tuesday after school in the courtyard from 3:40 to 4:10. During this time they have several things to do. Every member of the club has a plant they take care of. They also spend their time volunteering in the community. The club spent their time cleaning up trash around the campus on Earth Day.

         With the JROTC program ending this year, the club hopes to step up and fill the volunteering programs that the JROTC participated in originally.

         The club is averaging 8 members at every weekly meeting. WIthout a sponsor the members have divided themselves up and created their own way of leading the club. They have separate committees that decide everything about the club, including fundraising and community service committees. 

         The fundraising committee manages the finances of the club and will oversee the sale of plants when the club gets to that point in the coming year.

         The community service committee plans all of the services the members help with in the community, like the Earth Day clean up. This committee will help decide which roles the club can fill that the JROTC program will have to leave behind after this year.

         The members of the club have also put together a public website. Their website has information that comes out in a newsletter. They also have an active forum where the members can ask questions and plan events. 

         The website also links the rest of their social media at the bottom of the page. Their site can be visited at Click on the link to learn more about Senior High’s Gardening Club.

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