Cheer team has new coach

Gardner wants to promote integrity, community values By Blanca Hernandez, Reporter  Tristen Gardner is the new coach for Senior High’s cheer team. She is employed at Senior High as the Family Consumer Sciences teacher and recently got married. Her husband, Hayden, is a custom carpenter.  Gardner said she first became interested in cheerleading when sheContinue reading “Cheer team has new coach”

Senior High speakers bring home the gold

By Nancy Gonrgora, Reporter             Senior High has a pair of state champions.             During the Nebraska Schools Activities Association’s (NSAA) State Speech Championships held at Kearney High School last month, the GISH speech team qualified eight students and placed eighth overall in class A out of 33 schools.             The larger accomplishment was thatContinue reading “Senior High speakers bring home the gold”

Restrooms continue to be issue after TikTok challenge

Trevor Andrews, Reporter             Since an Internet challenge in October 2021 encouraged vandalism is schools, many students at Senior High have noticed that many restrooms are in a state of disrepair.             The issue has many students wondering why.              Daniel Sanchez, a sophomore, said in the 300 wing restroom there are no doors attachedContinue reading “Restrooms continue to be issue after TikTok challenge”

Flaherty has a passion for piano

By Blanca Hernandez, Reporter  Elisa Flaherty, the accompanist for the Senior High choirs, said she enjoys working with her students and spending time with them. “I like getting to know my students and getting to create music with them,” she said. Flaherty has been teaching at GISH for two years and has worked for Grand IslandContinue reading “Flaherty has a passion for piano”

Exchange student enjoying life, school in America

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor             Foreign Exchange student, Alexandra Tchernaya, said it’s been a scary but exciting journey coming from Belarus, Russia to America for the first time. Tchernaya is known as Alexa Black by her friends at Senior High because, she said, they have a hard time pronouncing her last name.             “It wasContinue reading “Exchange student enjoying life, school in America”

Need a snack, check out Hula’s

By Emilia Rojo, Reporter             There’s a line every morning, sometimes around lunch time and even as the school day ends at one of Senior High’s most popular hang-outs. It’s called Hula’s. Hulas is a mix of snack bar and school store as chips, cookies, sandwiches, salads and drinks are available throughout the day. ButContinue reading “Need a snack, check out Hula’s”

Officials continue to address drug use in schools

Trevor Andrews, Reporter             Alcohol and drug use continues to be a prevalent issue among teens in schools across the nation.             According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) about half of 9th through 12th grade students reported having used marijuana; 4-10, 9th through 12th grade students reported having tried cigarettes and amongContinue reading “Officials continue to address drug use in schools”

Senior High students recognized for their art work

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter             According to their art instructors, students in their classes worked hard to create pottery and paintings that are currently on display as part of the Omaha Art Show.             Instructor Micki Nuss said there were 35 pieces of art that she delivered to the show, where the student’s pieces wereContinue reading “Senior High students recognized for their art work”

Father, son making music at GISH

By Blanca Hernandez, Reporter              The instrumental music department at Senior High has a family feel to it.             John Jacobs and Bobby Jacobs keep toes tapping and produce sweet sounds as the father and son duo direct the school’s band and orchestra.              Bobby, the orchestra director, was just eight years old when heContinue reading “Father, son making music at GISH”

Romance, tragedy and comedy all rolled together in winter play

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor “A Midsummer Night’s Texas Size Nightmare,” will be performed Feb. 18 and 19 in the Little Theater of Senior High.             Tickets will be sold at the east entrance door the night of the performances for $5. Students who have their ID’s will get in for free and the play willContinue reading “Romance, tragedy and comedy all rolled together in winter play”