LGBTQ-Club provides a safe space for all students

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
LGBTQSA is the name of an after-school club at Grand Island Senior High School (GISH). 
LGBTQSA means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Straight Alliance.
The LGBTQSA Club meets every Wednesday across from the East Office at 3:30. In addition to that, there are meetings on Thursdays twice a month which include extra things such as mental health projects. 

HOSA members learn how to become future health professionals

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
Grand Island Senior High supports and hosts many clubs and activities that bring students together and give them a lot of opportunities in life. One of those clubs is HOSA. HOSA is sponsored by Megan Stone.
Stone teaches English 10 and Capstone for the Academy of Medical Sciences. This is Stone’s first year being the sponsor for HOSA but helped out with it a little last year.

Insight on GISH’s After School Program

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
There are many opportunities available for students at Grand Island Senior High. ASP is one of them.
ASP stands for After School Program. ASP is a program after school that helps students with their homework or even understand what they are learning about in class. ASP is open to everyone Monday through Thursday. All students are welcome.

The GIPS Cast

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
What and who is the GIPS Cast? 
The GIPS Cast is run by a team; the host is Mitchell Roush, GIPS Communications Director. The GIPS Cast has been up and running for about a year and a half now. 
Roush said that the GIPS Cast was a group effort, “It started with former Superintendent, Dr. Grover, and former Board of Education Member Erika Wolfe.