Guest Speaker’s talk to Medical Academy every Monday

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter
The Academy of Medical Sciences has invited students to come to room 306 on Mondays to learn about diverse career paths. 
Gregory Schlegal, the principal of the Medical Academy, said “It started out when Lincoln Fire and Rescue reached out to us; this put a spark in our brain, and made us realize that we could do this.”
He said they really wanted to give students the opportunity to learn about diverse career’s.

School musical coming soon on March 31

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter
Jessie Labrie, a musical teacher said, “For my end I work mainly on the music and preparing students to sing in small groups, duets, trios, and solo work.”
He said that students have about five or six weeks to memorize the music. 
Labrie said that there’s somebody in charge of every part of the musical, including acting, props, production elements, makeup, and costumes.

A new generation of entrepreneurs are rising

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter
The Entrepreneurship Pathway has given junior students an opportunity to create their own business. 
Entrepreneurship Pathway teacher Adam Zlomke said, “I try to push kids to do whatever their vision is, and a lot of kids find out some things are possible and others find out it isn’t possible.”

Looking back on my sophomore year

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter My sophomore year was marked with a lot of new friends and memories.  As the year began, my favorite class would have to be Multimedia. Instructor Chris Holton, had a more relaxed style of teaching that fit well with the class. I am in the Multimedia Pathway as I really enjoyContinue reading “Looking back on my sophomore year”

Roger Holsinger moving on after six years at Senior High

By Trevor Andrews, reporter English Language Arts instructor, Roger Holsinger, is leaving Senior High and going back to what he began teaching almost 10 years ago. Holsinger began his teaching career at Bayard High School teaching English and speech. He then taught for two years at Minatare Public Schools focusing on English, speech and journalism.Continue reading “Roger Holsinger moving on after six years at Senior High”

Seniors look back, share memories of GISH

Trevor Andrews, reporter             Approximately 550 seniors are counting down the days before they officially become alumni of Grand Island Senior High School.             The class of 2022 is the first to have gone through four years of the academy style of learning along with seeing portions of their high school career cut short becauseContinue reading “Seniors look back, share memories of GISH”