Why the phone should go down and the sun up

By Sarah Wichman
Most people believe that unplugging is the end of the world. But is it? The Journalism 1 classes of Grand Island Senior High School did just that. I was one of those students.
Large portions of the classroom struggled while I found something peaceful, a way to destress, a puzzle. For 45 minutes, the only thing my friend and I did was a puzzle.

Homecoming Night was quite the experience 

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter             Something I will always remember about my sophomore year at Senior High was attending the Homecoming Dance. While I couldn’t stay for long with my friends, it made this year go better.             It all started with the homecoming posters that had been placed around the school for a while.Continue reading “Homecoming Night was quite the experience “

I really enjoyed my sophomore year

By Emilia Rojo-Hayman, reporter             One thing I will remember most about this school year is my friends and my teachers.             This year has been really enjoyable for me as I was able to come out of my shell a lot more.             Usually, I’m not the best at talking to my teachers, butContinue reading “I really enjoyed my sophomore year”

Looking back on my sophomore year

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter My sophomore year was marked with a lot of new friends and memories.  As the year began, my favorite class would have to be Multimedia. Instructor Chris Holton, had a more relaxed style of teaching that fit well with the class. I am in the Multimedia Pathway as I really enjoyContinue reading “Looking back on my sophomore year”

Two feet, two states, one trip

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor Summer vacation can bring peace, a sense of calmness, and happiness to a lot of families but that doesn’t always happen … at least not to mine. This summer my family and I went on a roadtrip to Omaha and Kearney. As you can imagine not all went according to plan. Continue reading “Two feet, two states, one trip”

Nebraska state flag needs corn

Nebraska was one of the last states in the union to adopt a flag in 1925. In fact, most countries didn’t even have flags until 1625, according to online sources. It was then when Denmark became the first country to have a national flag. Denmark’s flag is called the Dannebrog. It is a simple flagContinue reading “Nebraska state flag needs corn”