The House of Evil Spirits, by Yosalin Siguar

Hello, I’m Ivan. I would like to talk about my life and how I gained superpowers by ending and finding evil spirits around my city and how I keep people safe. My parents died in a car crash when I was five. Since that day I couldn’t walk on my right leg and I wouldn’tContinue reading “The House of Evil Spirits, by Yosalin Siguar”

The Watching, by Lizzie Rush

The town of Cinderville, Connecticut had seven different murders occur between 1980 and 1987. For seven years, on November 1, at two in the morning, the Cinderville police department would get a call reporting the murders. A man by the name John Keildforn was soon arrested after the seventh murder. All the evidence pointed towardsContinue reading “The Watching, by Lizzie Rush”

Death Defiant, by Cameron Onnen

            This was it.             Bow finally has the chance to finish this fight. With malicious intent in his eyes he put one shell into his shotgun and loaded it getting ready to shoot. They both locked eyes with each other for they both knew what was to come. There wasn’t any escaping what wasContinue reading “Death Defiant, by Cameron Onnen”

Revenge of the kidnapped, by Elizabeth Gruhn

Mia Smith was an average 15 year old girl, she was a short skinny blonde who did well in school. The problem with Mia was she had always gotten into trouble.  It was late Saturday night when Mia had gotten into a major fight with her parents. It had all started when Mia was angrilyContinue reading “Revenge of the kidnapped, by Elizabeth Gruhn”