Senior High’s Gardening Club continues to grow

By Jase Jones, Reporter
This year a brand new club was formed at Senior HIgh, The Gardening Club. 
The Gardening Club is a nature-focused club. The club and its members have big aspirations for the future of their organization. 
This year they have spent lots of time brainstorming how to expand on what they already do. Their main focus right now is trying to find somebody to sponsor the club, as it is currently completely student led.

LGBTQ-Club provides a safe space for all students

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
LGBTQSA is the name of an after-school club at Grand Island Senior High School (GISH). 
LGBTQSA means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Straight Alliance.
The LGBTQSA Club meets every Wednesday across from the East Office at 3:30. In addition to that, there are meetings on Thursdays twice a month which include extra things such as mental health projects. 

Girls Soccer Team gets ready to go to Districts

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor
Getting one percent better each day is the Girls Soccer Team’s ultimate goal for the rest of this semester and next school year.
“Our team motto is “ganas” which means the desire and urge to want to win and grow. We definitely want to establish more “ganas” into our games,” said Soccer coach Bryan Ramallo.

Unified Track helps students connect with one another

By Jase Jones, Reporter
The Senior High Track program has a place for everyone on its teams. Most schools have a boys and girls team, GISH also has a unified team. 
A Unified sports team is one that aims to include students with disabilities and students without. Unified Sports include any student that wants to participate. 
The reality of high school sports is that not everyone can be on the varsity team, unified teams allow for all athletes to get the chance to have fun and meet new people

HOSA members learn how to become future health professionals

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
Grand Island Senior High supports and hosts many clubs and activities that bring students together and give them a lot of opportunities in life. One of those clubs is HOSA. HOSA is sponsored by Megan Stone.
Stone teaches English 10 and Capstone for the Academy of Medical Sciences. This is Stone’s first year being the sponsor for HOSA but helped out with it a little last year.

Insight on GISH’s After School Program

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter
There are many opportunities available for students at Grand Island Senior High. ASP is one of them.
ASP stands for After School Program. ASP is a program after school that helps students with their homework or even understand what they are learning about in class. ASP is open to everyone Monday through Thursday. All students are welcome.

Guest Speaker’s talk to Medical Academy every Monday

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter
The Academy of Medical Sciences has invited students to come to room 306 on Mondays to learn about diverse career paths. 
Gregory Schlegal, the principal of the Medical Academy, said “It started out when Lincoln Fire and Rescue reached out to us; this put a spark in our brain, and made us realize that we could do this.”
He said they really wanted to give students the opportunity to learn about diverse career’s.