Fine Arts

Art department at GISH showcases students art pieces

By Jase Jones, Reporter        Every year several art projects are created by classes in the art department. Right now, Kacey Lammers’s class is working on making sculptures. Some have made sculptures of themselves, family members, random objects, and even horror movie characters. 

Fall play tells the story of German soldiers going to war

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor If you like watching heavy and heartfelt moments on stage,“All Quiet on the Western Front” might be your cup of tea. Senior High students will be performing “All Quiet on the Western Front” on October 6, 7, and 9 in the school auditorium. Tickets will be five dollars each for adults

SDOA to feature serious, funny plays

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor             Student directors are trying to bring joy not only to students at GISH but to students and parents across the GIPS community, according to senior Timothy Troxel. Troxel, Laila McComb, Aspen Polltack, and Kayden Renner are the student directors for this year’s Senior High SDOAs (Student Directed One Acts). The…

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