My Opinion

Why the phone should go down and the sun up

By Sarah Wichman Most people believe that unplugging is the end of the world. But is it? The Journalism 1 classes of Grand Island Senior High School did just that. I was one of those students. Large portions of the classroom struggled while I found something peaceful, a way to destress, a puzzle. For 45…

Our History classes should be reformed

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter A common reason given for why people should learn history is to stop people from repeating past mistakes. Except if that’s the reason why history is taught, then our school system is keeping students deeply ignorant.

Homecoming Night was quite the experience 

By Nancy Gongora, Reporter             Something I will always remember about my sophomore year at Senior High was attending the Homecoming Dance. While I couldn’t stay for long with my friends, it made this year go better.             It all started with the homecoming posters that had been placed around the school for a while.…

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