My Opinion

How I lost weight, and how you can too

By Trevor Andrews, Reporter I have been working out for about a year now. Since I had been avoiding a scale, I had not known what my weight really was.  Once I was forced to step on a scale at a doctor’s, it was time to face reality. I read that I was 191 lbs.…

Deforestation has affected the U.S. in many ways

By Carter Burtle Deforestation has been happening for decades. With the growing world population we need more places to put individuals and more room for food to grow. There’s a great solution that many think, why don’t we just clear out forests to gain more land?

Why the phone should go down and the sun up

By Sarah Wichman Most people believe that unplugging is the end of the world. But is it? The Journalism 1 classes of Grand Island Senior High School did just that. I was one of those students. Large portions of the classroom struggled while I found something peaceful, a way to destress, a puzzle. For 45…

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