Grand Island Senior High’s wrestling team

This picture was taken last year for the girls wrestling team.

By Xzandra Hoard, Reporter

         Coaches are planning for the winter sports season to start soon. Grand Island Senior High’s Coach Jeff Evans, who coaches for the female wrestling team, is bringing a positive attitude as winter is right around the corner. 

         Evans is coaching Grand Island Senior High’s first wrestling team that is an all-girls wrestling team. Evans coaches girls who are in the following grades: ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.

         “I am very excited to see what our girls, with a full year of experience, are now able to accomplish,” said Coach Evans. “We are in our second year of the program and our focus continues to revolve around building our future foundation.”

         He added that Senior High has one of the largest teams in the state and has many new additions from the recruiting class that will have an immediate impact. 

         “I am confident that we will compete with the best as long as we continue to keep our work ethic in the classroom, weight room, and on the mat,” said Evans.

         “I always look forward to the start of a season. You never really know where the journey will take you until you begin to find out who you are as a team. The 2022-23 Grand Island girls wrestling team has the potential to really build a name for ourselves here in Nebraska,” said Evans. “I look forward to seeing our experienced girls teach the new recruits all the details needed to be successful based off of their prior experiences last season. I also look forward to expanding upon our base technique from last season.”

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