Nebraska state flag needs corn

Trevor Andrews

Nebraska was one of the last states in the union to adopt a flag in 1925. In fact, most countries didn’t even have flags until 1625, according to online sources. It was then when Denmark became the first country to have a national flag.

Denmark’s flag is called the Dannebrog. It is a simple flag with the cross symbolizing Christianity. 

While most all countries have flags today, state flags seem to be more popular and can be controversial at times, especially in the south where the “Stars and Bars” have caused many people to question their own state flag.

But what about Nebraska’s flag? What do the colors and single, centered image mean? 

The Nebraska state flag has the state seal with the words “Great Seal Of The State Of Nebraska,” with the date of March 1, 1867, which is when Nebraska officially became a state. The flag was designed by Florence Hazen Miller and features a man with a hammer and anvil, which represents mechanical arts, while the cabin in the back represents agriculture. Then at the top it says, “Equality Before The Law,” which is Nebraska’s motto.

I believe the flag should definitely be changed. 

One of the biggest issues I have with our flag is that it looks too similar to many other flags, and it needs to be more unique.

During my research I discovered that like Nebraska, 14 other state flags have the state seal, while 24 flags have the blue background. 

Not only is Nebraska’s flag not unique, it is hard to draw. If you look at all the countries in the world flags, they may not all look unique but most of them are easy to draw. 

The Nebraska flag is also not very memorable. I asked eight people what it looked like and two of those eight people had no idea what it looked like. Five out of eight people knew a little bit about what it looked like, but only one person could recall almost everything about the flag. No one I asked knew all the details of the flag.

But I have a solution as a way to make it more simple. Most flags of countries have colored stripes. Nebraska could implement something similar. The one problem with the colored stripes is that they are boring. 

One flag that has gained some traction and popularity by Jack Sokolik. It has three  stripes of colors, blue, white, and red with blue being the largest stripe. The stripes are the same colors used on the flag of France. This is because Nebraska was bought from France, in the Louisiana Purchase. The train wheel is supposed to represent the transcontinental railroad.

I think this flag would be a great flag for Nebraska. It isn’t too simple while also not being too complicated. It also has multiple meanings. 

My idea for a flag would be similar to Sokolik’s flag. I think France’s flag in the back is an amazing idea. If I were to make a flag I would implement the same idea. I would also put corn on the flag. I think corn would be a good addition because I believe that when people think of our state, they think of corn, cows and of course, the Cornhuskers.

So will my prayer be answered? Good question but as others have said, “Nebraska, it’s not for everyone.”

Trevor Andrews is a sophomore at Senior High and is in the Business and Communication Academy.

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Journalism/Communications instructor at Grand Island Senior High School in Grand Island, Nebraska

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