GISH students raising awareness of student needs

Tara Baker

By Jackie Ruiz, Editor

         The eyes and ears of Senior High help voice the needs and concerns of students thanks to the role student council members play in the school.

         Tara Baker, a co-advisor for the student council, said she believes that they bring new ideas to the table in order to make necessary changes.

         “The student council does a lot of different things for our school like developing ideas and organizing big events. They help decorate (the hallways) and speak on behalf of all students,” she said.

         In addition to decorating the school, the student council also takes the mental health of students into account. 

         “We like to focus on the mental health aspect as well,” Baker said, “so we’ve done things like the gratitude tree and board in the commons area.

         “Members also decorated for Christmas and covered the courtyard in lights. These are just a few of the things that they have done to boost the students’ morals and spirits,” she added.

         There are 52 members in the student council, which also includes members of the National Honors Society and the Unity Council.

         This year Chloe Holsinger, president of the student council, will be presenting a proposal to Principal Jeff Gilbertson in order to bring awareness to the school’s lack of feminine products, according to Baker. She said she would like to make feminine products available for girls in the bathroom of the school, which would include tampons and pads. 

         “A lot of our students are in poverty and need these products to get through the week, but sometimes the school doesn’t have enough resources for them. We are trying to change that,” Baker said.

She said that she believes it is a great idea because schools need to become more open and make students feel comfortable.

         Baker added that Holsinger will be using a nonprofit organization, YWCA (Young Woman’s Christian Association), as an example in her presentation. Baker said the YWCA stands for and dedicates itself to eliminating racism, empowering other women, and promoting freedom and justice for all. 

         “If this goes well and gets accepted, we will need the help of all students to raise money for these products. We can’t do it without the help of the student body,” Baker said.

         Baker said her favorite part of being an advisor, a position she’s held for a number of years, is being able to witness students who are passionate about the topics important to them and seeing how they grow.

“I think that their ambition is refreshing and their ability to follow through with something is inspiring,” she said.

She mentioned that she would like all students to know that the student council is open for anyone who would like to join.

“I would like people to know that the student council is putting in hard work to make the school a better place for everyone. They want to make sure that everyone’s ideas are being heard.” Baker said.

Students interested in being part of the council should contact Baker for more information.

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