I really enjoyed my sophomore year

By Emilia Rojo-Hayman, reporter

            One thing I will remember most about this school year is my friends and my teachers.

            This year has been really enjoyable for me as I was able to come out of my shell a lot more.

Emilia Rojo-Hayman

            Usually, I’m not the best at talking to my teachers, but this year was different. I was able to build a decent relationship with my teachers and my peers too. 

            My classes have been tough for me, and I’m not going to end the year with perfect grades but as long as I am a junior in August, it’s good enough for me. 

            Geometry was my best class. I was able to understand all the units well and keep my grade at an A or B. I did my best to keep up with my homework, and my tests. My teacher, Erin Ackerson, taught my class well. She is also very sweet and I enjoyed her class very much. 

            History was my favorite class. I’ve always favored history as a subject, so I was excited to learn more about world history than just American history. It might’ve not been one of my best classes this year, but I still enjoyed it. My teacher, Grant Jonas, is a great teacher and a funny guy. I’m happy that I had him as a history teacher. 

            I don’t have much to say about my English class. I did enjoy reading about gothic horror and modern horror stories. Reading Oedipus was alright. There were some topics in the play that I didn’t enjoy but overall it was fun getting in groups and doing readings together. My teacher, Leah Wissmann, will always be one of my most memorable teachers. She was a very laid-back teacher, she made sure we did our work but was never strict about anything. I liked going to her class, even if I didn’t like doing English work that much.

            Science has never been a good subject for me. I was never able to understand it like others. But this year’s class was nice. We did a lot of hands-on activities. At one point we were supposed to experiment with cockroaches, but we were never able to get to that. Even then I liked the class. The tests were hard but I always made sure to do my best on them. My teacher, Kerry Overmiller, might’ve been a little intimidating to me at the beginning of the year, but I was able to grow a little more fond of him and enjoy his class a little more. 

            Multimedia was fun in the beginning, but for me, the class just got a little more difficult as the second semester rolled around. We did Photoshop, and we designed many other things. We worked with a lot of the Adobe applications for the PCs. Chris Holten, my teacher, was a calm and non-strict teacher. Although I’m not the best at his class, I do enjoy getting to go there and do some work on the computers. 

            Psychology was an interesting subject, I had taken the class out of curiosity and from what I heard from my counselors. It was the study of the human brain, I wasn’t the best at understanding some of the stuff we went over in the class. At one point we got to play some games, whether they were board games or just children’s toys we had to think about what age group they were the best for. Christopher Walkemeyer was a nice teacher and I’m glad that I got to be in his class. 

            Personal Communication is one of my favorite classes. At the beginning of the semester, we did note guides, article reviews, and classroom discussions. Towards the end of the year, we did slideshows about colors, countries, and serial killers.

            I liked doing the serial killer presentations more than the other two. The group work for the class was much easier than doing independent work. Haley Koeppe, the teacher for that class, was very nice and fun to be around. Although I wasn’t ever able to build a decent relationship with her, I still liked going to her class.

            The last class I’ll talk about is Journalism. I had always wanted to do journalism since I was in seventh grade. Although I’m not very confident in my writing skills and it took me a while to finish my work, I still really liked coming to this class. Getting to talk to and interview teachers here at this school was nice. I was nervous to talk to all of them, but it was easy for me once I grew my confidence. I would like to thank my teacher, Roger Holsinger, for being patient with me and helping me write my stories. I’m going to miss him next year, this class will always stay as my top favorite. 

            This school year will be my most memorable because coming to school for me was one of my favorite things, I liked going to my classes and getting to chat with others. 

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