HOSA members learn how to become future health professionals

HOSA members participate in activities that help the community. They also learn about the different types of healthcare professions and opportunities.

By Kadence Davidson, Reporter

         Grand Island Senior High supports and hosts many clubs and activities that bring students together and give them a lot of opportunities in life. One of those clubs is HOSA. HOSA is sponsored by Megan Stone.

         Stone teaches English 10 and Capstone for the Academy of Medical Sciences. This is Stone’s first year being the sponsor for HOSA but helped out with it a little last year.

         What does HOSA stand for? 

         “Originally, HOSA was known as Health Occupation Students of America, but was shortened to HOSA. However, the name changed in 2004 to HOSA-Future Health Professionals,” said Stone.

         HOSA is not only at Grand Island Senior High but extends through middle schools, high schools and colleges all over the globe. 

         HOSA students complete community service, attend conferences to learn about health sciences careers and educational opportunities, and compete at the yearly State Leadership Conference (SLC). They also have speakers come in during their meetings so that students can speak directly to local healthcare professionals. HOSA also fundraises throughout the year to cover costs of attending events. 

         HOSA also goes on field trips, HOSA members can go on three different trips this year: Mind Bending Experiences at UNK to learn about mental/behavioral health occupations, Competitive Events Expo in Lincoln to learn about the different events they can compete at for SLC, and finally SLC in Omaha to compete and attend breakout sessions. 

         UNK’s event included a mini-tour of campus as well as an in-depth tour of the new UNMC building. SLC was held at UNO’s campus, so students were able to see what an on-campus student center looks like and see the expanse of UNO through that lens.

         This summer, five HOSA members will attend ILC in Dallas, Texas, to compete in their qualifying competitive event: Home Health Aide or HOSA Bowl (like Quiz Bowl).

         HOSA has on average around 25-30 members who attend meetings at GISH but has a core group of about 10-15 members who have really stepped up and attended just about every event that has been held this year, including conferences, fundraisers, the first ever Healthcare Screening Fair, and SLC. 

         HOSA has five students who qualified to attend the International Leadership Conference, which is this June in Dallas, Texas.

         How can students join HOSA? 

         Stone said, “First, they should be passionate about healthcare and serving others. Second, they should reach out to me or Lindsay Stryker, who is also a HOSA advisor. Third, they should plan to attend meetings. We only have a few more meetings this year, but several incoming freshmen have reached out to me to inquire about joining HOSA. This is so exciting. Beyond all of that, HOSA members should plan on attending a variety of events. The more HOSA members put into the organization, the more they get out of it.”

         HOSA meets twice a month during Islander Time and lunch. The meetings are usually held in room 307. 

         Stone also added that, “HOSA members are passionate about healthcare. Any student in the Academy of Medical Sciences or any student who is interested in healthcare: sports medicine/therapy, emergency services, or other healthcare-related fields are highly encouraged to join. There are connections to every academy when it comes to healthcare, so everyone, 9th-12th grade, is encouraged to join our group of future leaders in the healthcare field.”

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